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  • Windows Subsystem for Linux: File System

    @DennisCheung: That is currently not supported, but feel free to leave your feedback on our UserVoice. We use feedback from there to prioritize new features, and we appreciate all the engagement we're getting from the community!

  • Windows Subsystem for Linux: File System

    @Jedrek: This is not true, because as I said above WSL is not limited by MAX_PATH. As long as your paths are less than 32,768 characters, you'll be fine.

  • Windows Subsystem for Linux: File System

    Here's the accompanying blog post for this video:

  • Windows Subsystem for Linux: File System

    @David: WSL is restricted by NTFS and NT limitations, which is basically the limitations you get when you use a \\?\ UNC prefix from Win32. This limit is (approximately) 32,768 characters, which is longer than Linux's 4,096 character path limit (which we also enforce).

    WSL is not subject to the MAX_PATH (256 characters) limit that Win32 has for regular (non-UNC) paths.

  • Power Up Your Desktop App with Windows 8.1

    Man, I really needed this per monitor DPI stuff two years ago. I had a Vaio Z which had a full 1080p 13" screen, about 170DPI effectively, but I frequently used it on a regular 23" 1080p external monitor. The result was that I was constantly changing the DPI setting (which meant logging out and back in) based on what monitor I was primarily working on at any one time.

    I'm really, really happy this support has finally been added to Windows. Props, guys!

  • The HP Printer Display Hack (with financial goodness)

    It reminds me of when I wrote an application that could send custom MIDI SysEx messages so I can change the status message on my Roland MT-32 and SC-88. Smiley

  • ThisWeekC9 - PDC10, Azure in a box, Windows Phone 7 Tools Beta, and Kings Quest

    The first King's Quest (which is properly spelled with an apostrophe Tongue Out ) actually has more than one remake. First there was the original AGI version, then Sierra's own 16 colour EGA SCI0 remake (which is relatively little known). And then there's AGD Interactive's VGA remake which uses a technology level roughly equivalent to SCI1.


    But this new game, The Silver Lining, is not a remake of any of the existing 8 official King's Quest games, as Bas pointed out.

  • Andrew Nurse: Inside "Razor"

    When using XHTML 1.1 you should use application/xhtml+xml as MIME Type, but when using HTML5 with XHTML syntax you must use application/xhtml+xml.


    That is a problem since pre-IE9 donĀ“t support application/xhtml+xml.

    I don't see why that's a problem since pre-IE9 don't support HTML5 anyway.

  • Introducing the IE9 Developer Platform Preview

    This shows the same kind of text blurriness that you also get in WPF sometimes due to the sub-pixel positioning. Honestly, all text just looks weird to me in this preview. I hope this gets sorted out before the final release.

  • Speech NUI with Zig Serafin

    Why for example is Speech Recognistion disabled in non Enlish versions of Win 7 ?

    It's only disabled in those version for which there isn't a recognizer provided. For example, the Japanese version has speech recognition because MS did develop a Japanese recognizer. I think they did French too (definitely not Dutch, unfortunately).

  • Progression of the Iconic Background

    It's a nice image (and I don't have issues with animals unlike Zeo), but it's too bright. Especially since the taskbar and window frames stay transparent when windows are maximized (which I still think was the wrong decision), nothing but really dark backgrounds work for me. I use a picture of Saturn taken by Cassini, which is not only beautiful but also mostly black around the edges. Smiley


    EDIT: I use this image.

  • First Look: Streetside in Bing Maps

    Bing's just looks more cluttered to me. It's probably mainly a matter of the inclusion of minor roads and the kanji font that creates that appearance though.


    The best maps for Japan are actually from Yahoo! in my opinion (on the Japanese site), but again since that's a Japanese site I don't like using it. Yahoo! Maps does have some nice features though, such as walking directions to the closest station from any location. Smiley And despite having the same number of minor roads as Bing at that kind of zoom level, and a similar colour scheme, it still looks less cluttered somehow.

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