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Sven Groot Sven Groot Don't worry... I'm a doctor.
  • So how did the Win10 install go for you?

    , TexasToast wrote

    I wonder how they pick who goes first?

    A complicated process involving the color of your eyes, your favorite food, and whether you like cats or dogs.

  • WTF WIN10 auto update restart.

    Please report this using the feedback tool. That's definitely not supposed to happen.

  • Why does Windows think it knows better than me?

    , cheong wrote

    I don't have spare machine to install Win10 so never tried that, but from the screen caps I see on the web, I can't find such option to specify when to reboot. If you can confirm that such option exist on non-business line of Win10, that's good.

    Here you go.

  • Why does Windows think it knows better than me?

    , cheong wrote

    @bondsbw: Both.

    On Win8 update, it'll force you to reboot when update is completed, without any UI option to suspend/delay the reboot.

    Windows 8 will force you to reboot several days after the update is completed. It tells you this, although admittedly the fact that this information is only on the logon screen is a bit unfortunate for people who never log out or restart their computer. Only if you've failed to reboot during the (iirc) three days that it gives you to manually reboot will it give the forced reboot dialog with no option to postpone.

    Windows 10 refines this process a bit in that after installation, it will schedule a reboot at a time that it thinks your machine will be idle based on past data (typically during the night).You can configure when this restart happens, so if you're not happy with the time Windows 10 has picked, you can change it, even after the update was installed. I don't remember right now if it tells you a reboot has been scheduled somewhere besides the log in screen.

    Neither Windows 8 nor Windows 10 (nor any other version of Windows) forces you to reboot immediately after installing an update.

  • XboxOne is struggling in Europe.

    , bondsbw wrote

    Sony could have come out on the stage and said "We got nuthin" and he would have called it a victory.


    Headline: PS4 already so perfect that it can't be improved.

  • GB game patches.

    , androidi wrote

    Some Mass Effect screenshots I've seen were like if there was 2x more detail in the textures that you couldn't access.

    There are a number of high-resolution texture mods for the various Mass Effect games on PC, which might explain what you saw. There is definitely no "hidden quality level" in the textures that came with the game.

  • How old net

    This site only works if there is a clearly identifiable face in the picture, so those images are obvious fakes.

    It also thought I'm 19 in one picture. And the 6-year-old son of a friend is a 66-year-old woman. So obviously, the technology needs a lot of improvements. :)

  • Best of //build/

    , felix9 wrote


    oh so the "research operating system" is no more. :(

    I'm not working on it anymore, that's all I can say.

  • Best of //build/

    , ZippyV wrote

    @Sven Groot: Are you going to appear in a session?

    No, I'm not actually at the conference. Us devs have real work to do. :P

  • Best of //build/

    , Bas wrote

    I was wondering what the hell was going on with Terry Myerson, though. At some point he was flubbing every sentence that came out of his mouth. Drog and drap?

    I got the impression he was getting nervous because of the (lack of) audience response in the beginning of the talk.