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  • Let’s code! Build a custom progress ring in Windows XAML

    A lot of stuff is cropped outside the video :-.

  • Ping 51: TechFest, Ballmer, Xbox, Android & Tina Wood!

    So... um... what's the deal with all the drinking and being drunk and wasted and drinking games and all? Or is that really what "... Microsofties are pinging each other about over IM, email, Twitter, Facebook, etc." all the time?

  • Ping 37: SQL Server, WIndows 7, Bing, Google, Bill Gates Birthday

    BingAndGoogle can't search for anything containing #... I usually search for C# related stuff... so I guess I'm out Tongue Out

  • Ping 22: Microsoft & Linux BFF's! Xbox handheld coming, Bing Jingle, Win a Surface

    Hm, is it just me, or is the sound kind of buggy in this episode? I get some kind of annoying crackling sounds all through the episode... don't get it in any of the other ping episodes or in music I play here... just in this one episode...

  • Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) in Windows 7

    Also, is this only available in the final version of Windows 7? Only get question for writing in security key when I connect to my router... (I have enabled WPS on the router first of course)

  • Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) in Windows 7

    What did that guy write to clear out the wi-fi settings on his laptop? I want to test this WPS stuff out as well, but the laptop is already set up. (I hate it when people zoom out from interesting small commands like that!!)

  • Ping 19: BingTones, SilverLight & Xbox join forces, Win7 guides, IE8 controversy

    Could someone care to explain to me why I can watch and download these videos in Opera, but not in Internet Explorer? I mean, usually it is the other way around... especially on a microsoft site Perplexed Not good...

    The link I get for this particular video is and all I get when I try to open it in IE is an ugly Internet Explorer cannot display this website. In Opera the link works fine.

  • Spelling, Code Blocks and Twitter on Channel 9

    Why not just use an AddThis button which already supports a lot of destinations?

  • Ping 11: Mundie & Obama, Swine Flu, Win7 RC1, Windows Ambassadors

    Didn't you guys say something about it being new and improved and not being fullscreen etc.? I just downloaded it from microsoft, installed it and ran it. And it was VERY fullscreen. It even suggested to close my browser and my music =( Meanie app...

  • Ping: Episode 2

    Much better than the last one Big Smile If I was to complain about something in this episode it would have to be the very hard cuts... Think someone mentioned that it went a bit too fast during the techfest thing, but read your reason so guess that was ok. But, like the music, for example. The interludes. Especially the intro and the ending though. The intro ended a bit too abrubt I believe. Should maybe start fade down a bit before and fade out a bit longer? The ending was the most annoying though... Way to hard cut, haha. I was like, whaat? Not even a fade out? Was almost as annoying as that channel 9 ending that is in some various videos here... that psycho digital sound (can't explain it better) that suddenly starts, often in a MUCH louder volume than the rest of the video, freaking me out cause I have turned up my speakers for the rest of the video, and then its over.... aaanyways, i'm just nit-picking here Tongue Out Great job guys! Will continue to watch this one Smiley

    (Btw: VERY ANNOYING that the 'Add' and 'Cancel' buttons doesn't work in Opera!! Please fix!)
  • Ping: Episode 1

    wooow.... were you guys nervous or something? too much coffee? too much sugar? show could become interesting I guess, but... seriously... duude... slow down people Tongue Out just a notch. coming home from work, sitting down with some interesting videos, I would like to stress down with some light and interesting geeky stuff. But aaaaaaaaaaa Tongue Out Anyways, good luck with the show. (Hope you can tone down the crazy hyperness just a tad though Tongue Out)

    EDIT: Also, I'm pretty new here, so I don't really have a clue what ch8 or 9 or 10 or whatever is really all about. but regardless of what you were trying to do, to who and where: I find it the same as I do with many other shows, like on discovery channel for example. interesting with lots of potential. But kind of ruined because of too hyper active style, noisy stressy interludes, etc.