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Symon Perriman

Symon Perriman Symon​Perriman Microsoft Senior Technical Evangelist for Private Cloud, System Center & ​Virtualizat​ion; VMware VCP.

Niner since 2012

As Microsoft's corporate Senior Technical Evangelist covering Private Cloud, System Center & Hyper-V, Symon Perriman is a recognized industry expert in datacenter management, cloud, virtualization, high-availability, disaster recovery, mobile technologies and social media.  Previously he spent four years as a Program Manager on the Server Clustering & High-Availability team and has been working in the technology industry since 2002.  Symon holds several patents; contributed to four technical books for virtualization, server, clustering and SQL; co-hosts the 'Edge Show' for IT Professionals; has had his technologies featured in PC Magazine; is a VMware Certified Professional (VCP); and also serves as President & Founder of FanWide Technologies LLC.  He graduated from Duke University with degrees in Computer Science, Economics and Film & Digital Studies.

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