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  • How many people on here are pro developers?

    Student starting 3rd year in September.

  • World Cup News: UK's Owen Taken Out On Stretcher

    Im one of those people! Everyone refers to us Brits as... UK folk, I like to say English once and a while.

    Cant believe that game. First half was great, second was crap. We should of beaten them, I cant understand why we cant beat the sweeds?

  • Future of TV

    HDCP is evil, but at least it doesnt invade my privicy and collect data about what I like to watch in my spare time and swamp me with adverts!

  • Send me that guy over (Xbox packaging problems...)

    Why oh why do they make the packaging so hard to open? The controllers were a nightmare! Remember to have a large supply of plasters when opening Xbox360 products! And I hope your fingers are not too badly cut up that you cant play!

  • Scoble on Newsnight, clip downloadable here

    RedWolves2 wrote:
    What's with that studio set-up?  The interviewer had to literally turn in his chair to talk to Robert...talk about snubbing.  That was totally unprofessional if you ask me.

    I think most BBC news programs are set up like that. The screen off to the interviewers right, guests in the studio are on the left.

  • Future of TV

    I was browsing through the BBC's website today, and saw two articles relating to TV, that I thought warranted a discussion.

    The first was Google's tv eavesdropping plan. The TV, using a microphone, captures 5 second samples of the TV channel you are watching, and then ultilising an online database, could indentify the show you are watching, and how far you are through it. It could exploit this knowlegde by sending targeted adverts during the commercial breaks. Sounds interesting albeit slighty scary. I'd rather people didn't always know what I was watching!

    The second news article, was that DirecTV an American TV network, has signed a deal to broadcast live gaming events. They would actualy have virtual cameras set up in the game world, which I assume a 'camera man' would control, walking around the game environment watching the game unfold. Sounds like my kind of TV!

    I was wondering about Microsofts plans for the future of TV? I keep hearing Bill and Steve Ballmer mention TV in their plans, but havent really been made aware of any hard information about what they are planing. I remember reading a white paper wrote in 97 I think, about MS interactive TV, but the ideas put forward there are bit old and thus, already been implemented by BskyB. Media Centre is the only thing I can think of, but thats not really the future of TV.

    Also, BskyB providers of Sky televison, are in talks to buy the UK operations of AOL. They have already started providing movies via broadband, and with AOL and Easynet, which they purchased for £211mill they stand a good chance in being in the running for providing high end, interactive, on demand TV.

  • Scoble on Newsnight, clip downloadable here

    irascian wrote:
    That being said, being "nice" hasn't been a hindrance in the IT contracting world and I doubt I'd have been any more "successful" (by my definition) even if I had been a little more ruthless with customers I've got.

    Its a fine line. Where do you stop being a nice guy with a passion, and become ruthless jerk?

    I don't think that 'screw everyone over' attitude works for everyone. I for one don't behave like that. You're right, it probably wouldn't of helped much it you had behaved like that.

    I think though, if you have an original idea, in this competitive market, and you want to make it to the top, and have the power, fame, fortune, then you need to be that kind of business man. The one who does embrace the 'screw you' attitude.

    Im not saying either mentality is right or wrong, just different and suitable to different needs.

    When did Bill Gates stop being that passionate team playing dev who had a passion for software, and become the money hungry, power mad, fame chasing manager, who has a passion for software?

    A fine line indeed.

  • Scoble on Newsnight, clip downloadable here

    irascian wrote:
    His memory is just a lot longer than most here who prefer to think of "cuddly" Bill in a cardigan running his "trying to be more open" company.

    My memory is just as good. Saying Stelzer doesn’t like Gates was not me saying I see him as this cuddly person. He is a ruthless, obnoxious, money hungry, driven man and that is the reason I respect him. If you have an idea, you have to do all that you can to make it a success. If that means clawing your way up the ladder, and once you have ascended to the top, stomping on other companies & people to remain at the top, so be it. I would also do anything to remain numero uno, wouldn’t you?

    In the interview Stelzer clearly points out, that although Bill has changed the world, he doesn’t agree with the way he went about it. In my opinion, I think Bills way is the only way. Let’s face it; the only way to become successful is to smash everyone else out of the way.

    Im a nice guy, a friendly guy... but when it comes to business, nice guys always finish last.

  • Scoble on Newsnight, clip downloadable here

    littleguru wrote:
    Who is this older guy in the interview? He seems to see everything very negative.

    Stelzer is an economist who is a director at the Hudson Institute. He also writes a decent column in the Sunday Times. You're right, he doesnt appear to be a fan of Bill does he.

  • How much SPAM do you receive in a typical day?

    I do not get much spam. One or two. Outlooks filter is good enough.