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  • The Bill Gates video was edited

    Yep, I noticed a transition about a third into the video. I wonder what was said in that missing time???

    The truth as to why Bill is leaving?? da da daaaaa!!

  • Question regarding vista desktop

    Lol, thanks! I didnt even know that works on the desktop. You do learn something every day. Thanks

  • Question regarding vista desktop

    Hi. I have a question regarding vista's desktop. To me, the icons look very big and a bit ugly. Is there anyway to have smaller icons on the desktop?

  • Saving information from a webpage

    Hi guys, I need some advice.

    There is a website that contains a list of address which I want to put into an access database. At the moment I am copying and pasting the information into the database, however it is very very inefficient. Can you suggest a better method of doing this? Maybe some tool which can read the website, and put this information into the fields in the database. Its just really killing me to copy thousands of addresses.


  • XBox Live Dashboard update comes today

    And there is a download manager so you dont have to sit there looking at the progress bar!

  • World Cup 1 week away!

    irascian wrote:

    Who was it who said "What's the point of winning, if winning means that someone loses?"

    Im guessing someone who never won?

    irascian wrote:
    I'm totally sick of it already and it hasn't even started yet.

    The flags aren't just on cars. If I look out my kitchen window the flats opposite have flags hanging from many of the balconies.

    I for one like seeing the flag everywhere. Its refreshing to see people hanging the flag and having pride in their nation, without being seen as a racist.

  • World Cup 1 week away!

    Sore that you didnt make it through?

  • World Cup 1 week away!

    Tensor wrote:

    OK so that looks stupid

    I have one of them flags on my car. They looked cool not stupid!

    I am really looking forward to the world cup, but I dont really know enough about it to join in with fantasy football.

    Come on England!!

  • Simulations using Excel

    I still cant see why you cant use what Maurits suggested?

    You could have say 10 samples per bus stop. So you have ten rows, each row calculating the total travel time for a random number of passengers. Then you could average these time to a mean total travel time.

    Then do another 10 rows for the other bustop, and calculate the total times for another 10 random samples.

    I dont think you can post images into messages. You could up load your Excel file and post a link here.

  • Channel 9 Update Planning

    littleguru wrote:
    anon wrote: I've just had a look at 10 and I cant see any way to download the videos. They all seem to stream. I hope downloadable versions of videos stay a part of C9. I like to be able to watch them on the go.

    Underneath each video there is a "down button". Click it. Afterwards a popup shows up - containing all video formats. Right click on a format and click on "Save target as...".

    That's it. It's downloading and saving it to the disk.

    Wow, PSP format! Saves me having to convert it. Well then... thats one feature I gladly welcome to channel9. Thanks guru