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  • Manuel Clement and others - Introducing Sparkle

    Dear Mano
    thanks for your reply Smiley, I'm so sorry but your answer didn't cover my qustion, so I need to describe the problem in more details, well I'll give you an example, I made a demo using Sparkle the demo is a simple form contains four buttons clicking one of it opens another form containing a grid so I tried to animate the buttons the problem is that I'm creating a new time line with a new animation to each button event,I have 4 buttons each have 3 events/states (normal-clicked-over) so I have 12 time lines each of it is totally isolated, each time I repet the animation (it's such a poor thing Perplexed), I can't control other time lines, I need to fully control the time lines, if there's something like action script in flash, I know Sparkle is still a trial version but I need you to consider that thing in the comeing versions, cause I liked Sparkle and I need it to be a powerful tool.

    Kind Regards

    :: TOLDO ::
  • Manuel Clement and others - Introducing Sparkle

    Dear Sparkle team
    I should confess that I'm wowed with the revolution you done, but I have a little question about the animation, well I noticed that I should create a new time line to each new event/trigger (and it's a big problem), I can attached many triggers to the same time line but all doing the same animation, is there any solution to this problem.