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  • Using Office 2007 Icons in Your Office 2007 Add-ins

    Thanks a lot for this tutorial. I managed to build the new ribbon but I don't know how to load it in Word 2007. I thought it would load automatically. Thank you if someone could help me. I invested quite a lot of time and effort to build the project and now it's a pity I can't test it in Word. May be the problem is I added to the button an image of mine instead of an Office Icon, but the building of the project went perfectly OK and now I have the new ribbon and the template in my visual studio 2008 projects folder. The only problem is I can integrate it with Word.
  • Using Office 2007 Icons in Your Office 2007 Add-ins

    Amazing tutorial. Thank you. I'm newby with Visual Studio. It's my first try and almost everything worked till the end. A problem though: the ribbon I created it's not integrated in Microsoft Word an I can't load it, I mean, I don't know how to do it. It's located in My documents\visual studio 2008\projects\Hello template.dotx. I thought that at the end of the process, after building the project, it would be automatically integrated in Word, but it wasn't. Then I tried to load it through word options, complements, add template, but it didn't work Thank you in advance.