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Hello Niners!

Not much to say about me. I live in Denmark and enjoy writing code or trying new applications out. I've written a relatively famous application (atleast here in Denmark) called RadioCenter. It's nothing special, but it's the first real application I ever made.

In my spare-time I love to write small C# applications, listen to music, read books and articles and learn from the masters who's shoulders I hopefully will stand on one day.


  • Luke Hoban: Orcas - Compiling LINQ, C# Futures, Intellisense

    Great video!

    I love the "simplicity" of LINQ and now I think it's even simpler after listening to Luke's explanations.

    Would be nice if you could make a video where it's showed how to make a simple LINQ-to-X interface, since, I think, that where the real power of LINQ is unleashed Smiley

     - Dan

  • Sumit Chauhan: Developing Microsoft Access, Running a Dev Team

    Why discuss genders when mathematics was the important part of this video! Tongue Out

    I'd like to agree with Charles. Math is not necessary to become a good developer. 2/3 of my time at public school here in Denmark was with a math teacher who almost hated me. I was afraid of math, but I started to learn programming. Writing code helped me a lot later on (I didn't know that it would when I started), but I was completely sure that I wanted to become a developer when I grew up.

    I went to another school where I had a great math teacher. The result is that I love mathematics now. I'm not especially good at it (I'm no genius, but I fight for the things I want), and now I'm taking a technical education which of course includes a lot of math. I'm properly among the best in my class now, and programming helped me get to where I am.

    Hell, I think every kid in school should learn to write a simple application! Big Smile

    Well, enough about math. Great interview, Charles! It's really interesting to see how a team at Microsoft is ordered and how they work.

    - Dan

    By the way, I'm pretty tired of the limitations of Visual C# 2005 Express, but I really can't afford the Pro version. Took a look at Standard and it looks really good, but it's still 1500 Dkr. (Danish kroner), which is very expensive to me (I'm 16, can't really buy software at that price). Do you know how I can buy a student license or something similar? Microsoft should do more to get young developers into business (courses and like). But that must be for another post Smiley