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  • Using XML in SQL Server and Azure SQL Database: (06) Creating XML from Relational Data

    At around 23:15 in the video, the demonstration shows XML from the subquery being represented as escaped text (with < and > entities replacing the angle brackets).

    I think the simplest way to override this XML-as-text behaviour is to specify that you want an XML type, amending the FOR XML PATH clause in the subquery with ", TYPE":

    FOR XML PATH(''), ROOT('items'), TYPE),

    This should result in the entire XML document being produced:

      <customer id="29847" />
        <item productid="836" />
        <item productid="822" />

  • Anti-XSS Library v3.1: Find, Fix, and Verify Errors

    I get an error message when I tried to play the video:

    Media Failure. Try reloading the page or visiting the main site for assistance.

    I tried reloading the page without success.