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  • John Pruitt - Usability Testing

    What I cant understand is, if they have usability testing down to this level, how come media player still sucks so much?

    I mean, get me in that lab with a copy of media player, a copy of winamp, and a directory full of mp3s. In about 5 seconds I can have them playing in winamp. With media player after about 10 minutes I'll have thrown the pc through the 2-way mirror in frustration.

    Oh and the msn explorer thing? One window? Maybe they should have used tabs Wink
  • Amanda Silver - Getting into Visual Basic.NET

    What I loved about vb6 was that it was easy to get stuff put together to do easy things. What I hated hated HATED was having to do anything to do with the API. it screamed "HACK" to me because you were going outside of the bounds of what VB could do. It required encyclopaedic knowledge of the API, or hours searching for the right thing - neither of which appealed to me.

    Now VB.NET does away with that I am a happy man. Not only that but I am a better programmer as I now use real OO methods, patterns & practices.


    I think the danger of people moving from vb6 to vb.net is that it is almost too easy to carry on doing things in the same way you always did. I would encourage anyone moving from Vb6 to .net to take some time to learn the differences, rather than take the easier route and learn the similarities.