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Tensor Tensor Im in yr house upgrading yr family
  • Hooking up runtime compiled generic delegates

    I figured it out. The signiture of the predicate i was compiling was wrong. I was doing;

    public function DynamicPredicate(of t as TheType)(item as TheType) as boolean

    Whereas what I wanted was;

    public function DynamicPredicate(item as TheType) as boolean

    And now it works.

  • Hooking up runtime compiled generic delegates

    OK so i've been bashing my head on this one all day and its doing my nut in...

    I need to compile a predicate(of t) at runtime, then use it.

    I can compile the code at runtime easily enough, the problem I have is then extracting the delegate.

    If I use a non-generic delegate, it works. If I try to use a predicate(of t) it doesnt, complaining that it can not load the assembly - however the assembly it complains it can not load is not the runtime compiled one, its the assembly i am trying to use to call it with.

    Anyone have a cluse if this is possible?

  • Post your twitter name?


  • How many broken bones have you had?


    Nose, falling in to concrete step.

    Arm, while at school. Some guy fell in to me when I was leaning on the way waiting to go in to a class. By a freak chance my arm was stuck out, elbow on the wall, and took his full weight. It hurt like hell but then in the class I could hardly hold my pen, and was in a cold sweat (which was a new one). Went to hospital that night and sure enough it had broken.

    Little finger. Stupid one because i was at a university party and very drunk and a little down and someone bet me I wouldnt punch a wall. He lost the bet, I broke my little finger near the knuckle and never got it seen to. It now sticks out at a slightly exagerated angle. I would not recommend this course of action.

  • Do you remember?

    Cybermagellan wrote:
    Does anyone here remember the "Choose your adventure" books? I was watching Family Guy the other night and seen the episode where Peter was reading one and it reminded me of it...I was wondering if anyone knows of an online version....

    I do. I discovered them aged about 10, then moved on to the fighting fantasy books and there various siblings. From there its a slippery slope to table top roleplaying, wargaming, and if you arent careful, LARP.

    Luckily I avoided WOW.

  • Do you pray?

    jsampsonPC wrote:
    Hawkings would make a better Darth though.

    Nah Hawkings doesnt piss people off nearly as much as Dawkins!

  • Do you pray?

    Minh wrote:
    If yes, what do you pray for?


    I'm one of Dawkins Stormtroopers.

    Now that would make a cool film.

    However what I mean is, I have in my life had several people dedicate a reasonable amount of time to trying to convert me to there own particular branch of christianity. I have allways tried to counter this with discussion and reasoned argument. In all but one case we agreed too disagree in the end and all was well. The other guy seemed to take it as a personal insult that I wouldnt convert. Hey ho.

  • Come Work on Our Team

    Rory, I have a lot of respect for you, so please dotn take this the wrong way, but part of your CV was "allready works for microsoft" and also "reasonabley famous blogger".

    Just like BethG. Did we forget that bit? It seems no-one ever talks about it....

    The last two people who joined C9 have done so to be the front people and have had as high profile parts of there cv (1) work for MS (2) well known in the blogosphere. Any real confidence that third wont be the same. Mini for c9?

  • Cardspace crashes

    Months ago, I installed .NET 3.0. I read a bit about cardspace and thought oh that sounds cool. I opened it up, started creating a fake card to have a look, then hit cancel.

    It killed my machine. I didnt bother going any further.

  • Channel7

    CompGuy101 wrote:
    blowdart wrote:
    channel -1, where every Raymond post goes and no-one can actually browse to it.

    Channel -1 has my vote.

    I'd buy that for a dollar.