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  • Inside .NET Native

    @MoonStorm: Maybe it will compile native for Linux using Mono converted to Native.    Microsoft could offer this as a cloud service .  Compile your app native for Linux for x dollars.   They make money even if you use Linux so they have a business model for doing this work.   It would be stupid to support cross platforms unless money can be made so don't expect it for free.

  • Async'ing Your Way to a Successful App with .NET

    Great features and session.   Cleared up a lot of things I needed to know to create my own async functions that are now mostly threaded operations.  The cancellation is very nice.

  • Miguel de Icaza: Mono, Open Source, Visual Studio, and Xamarin


    When Miguel talks about the way he codes, it worries me as it sound very much seat of the pants and lacking planning. As coders, we need to take more respect for the profession and write some lean, and mean code. Set some standards, do some planning before you start coding.

    I want to try Mono to code for Android.


    So Carlos what makes you some high and mighty professional to represent software development and how things should be done.   Miguel has accomplished a lot and he can do as he pleases.   He has executed and delivered products.   Persistence is what is needed.  I don't see any lack of planning on his part either.  Show me what you have done to be critical of successful ventures.   I think Xamarin is a good way to develop for Android.   Another option is Dot42 but it is not as complete.   

  • Build 2012 is sold out. Tune in online.

    Microsoft made the registration a circus.   The whole point of early bird is so they can get a good count of the number of interested players.   So because you took an extra minute on your credit card submission it cost you 500 dollars.    Also, last year it was cheaper and the venue was Anaheim,CA.  Hopefully, however, they will out perform Google's developer conference and make it worth coming to Microsoft's event.   They have usually done a great job at out doing expectations, so I will remain positive on this years event also.   I would expect more with the price increase from previous Build/PDC's.

  • Build 2012 is sold out. Tune in online.


    They probably will give away a new Nokia Windows 8 phone with the new Microsoft Surface Tablet and the XBox 720.   Google gave away even more with a lower priced conference.  Microsoft will then demonstrate how you can build one application and have it cloud compiled and put into all 3 devices.   It should be quite nice to have this type of Eco system in place.


    This is what Google gave away

    This year, the haul for attendees includes four pieces of Google hardware, with a total retail value of $1,176:

    The goodsRetail price
    Nexus 7 tablet$199
    Nexus Q$299
    Galaxy Nexus phone   $349


  • Build 2012 is sold out. Tune in online.

    So does anyone know the total number allowed in?  Was it 1000 ? 

    Eduardo,  Microsoft only takes VISA, Mastercard, or American Express.   Sorry but that probably cost you getting in.  Probably will miss out on a new XBox 720.

  • Build 2012 is sold out. Tune in online.

    I am in ...  A little pricey at 2k dollars