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TexasToast TexasToast
  • IOS10 - Home Automation

    I see your point and I have to agree we are going to have a lot of future troubles. 

  • IOS10 - Home Automation

    I think this is blown out of proportion.  You can and should firewall your devices so they are not on the internet but sit local on your network.  Embedded devices are not like pc's where you can easily flash them with firmware and cause havoc.   I don't need every IOT device to have security at the device level if I physically own and secure the network on my premises.  Also firewall your TV, your fridge, your washer, your thermostat so they cannot get out on the internet without your permission.  

  • Is anyone considering voting for Donald Trump?

    So you show me two links and I look at them and I do not see anything that is factual.  How can you prove that twitter and politifact are not biased.  I see what is going on with reddit and other sites like facebook and they can put whatever they want on their site.  It means nothing.   That is the new world where anybody can just put up some stuff on a website.   How can you judge the truth?  How can you tell global warming is happening or not happening if you don't personally take your own measurements.   People don't want the truth they want their view of the world to be the truth.  We are in a world where you cannot trust anything on the tv news or on the internet.  There is no such thing as a fact anymore.  Thats why Trump and Clinton can say whatever they want and people believe whatever makes them feel good.

  • Is anyone considering voting for Donald Trump?

    That is a fake tweet.  You can do a lot with Adobe.   Only two things came out of the debates.  Hillary is status quo and Trump is change.   Both candidates lie and one is a loud mouth and the other a power hungry elitist.  So in US it comes down to keep it the same or shake it up.  Nobody is voting for who they like.

  • are degrees worth anything ?

    Alot of companies require degrees for certain positions.  So no matter how much experience or how smart you are you will be held back if you choose to work there.  Degrees and where you get them are sometimes status symbols and companies want that in their people.  Wall street basically hires only Ivy league graduates and pays them well (way more than software guys).   They have the power and control of money and deals so they want the prestige.  

    If you want to hire someone for your company and you dont care about credentials, the best way is to use linkedin and see if you know someone who knows the person you hire.  You will get an honest assessment that is probably more valid than an interview.

  • Is anyone considering voting for Donald Trump?

    , Ian2 wrote

    "Ask not what you can do for your Country, ask what your Country can do for you"

    That is exactly what Bill and Hillary did after leaving office and giving million dollar speeches.  They were cashing in.  

  • Angular 2 and Typescript: Need a sample for VS 2015 that works!

    , swheaties wrote

    BTW next Thursday I'll be unemployed :).  I'm kind of liking the idea actually I haven't had a day off in something like thirty years.  All these damn recruiters keep calling me I think I'm going to tell them I've decided to give up coding to become a bum.


    Are you getting a severance.  Might be a good time to try something on your own and stop being a tool for someone else to prosper.

  • I am taking a year off from the Internet

    What do you do for money?  Construction worker?  Hard to not use internet in normal life.

  • Is anyone considering voting for Donald Trump?

    It looks like Hillary does not know what things marked (C) mean.   Now it is costing her support because Trump pulled ahead in the latest poll.   Next big event will be debate.  Which liar lies the least.   Pick your poison.

  • Is anyone considering voting for Gary Johnson?

    The other two candidates are horrible so eventually you don't vote or you pick a third party candidate.  I will vote for Johnson and at least I will feel good about my part in democracy.

    Also, for the UK gentlemen that come here to coffeehouse (and you too Ian), how is Brexit turning out so far?