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TexasToast TexasToast
  • WFT

    The US stock market is all back to normal.  Looks like Trump will win here in November and I bet Germany will look to exit EU next.  Globalization is coming to an end and we will all go back to local.   Everyone thinking this Brexit is bad for UK but I think UK will do better and the EU will suffer.

  • WFT

    Everything costs more.  No more toys for Ian.   But look at the bright side,  you don't have to take orders from Brussels.

  • Microsoft to buy LinkedIn

    , figuerres wrote

    this makes me think of Skype: I hardly use it and mostly I get connect-spam popups from random names that might be female that I ignore.

    That is a good point.  Microsoft puts in no controls on spamming.   Rich Doctors contacting women and provocative women contacting men on skype.  It gets annoying and I would want a verifiable solid list of people allowed to use the service.   Same with linkedin and making contacts.   I don't link in anyone i don't know or cannot vouch for.   That is how it should be used.   If you have a 1000 contacts on linkedin I would never hire you because you oversold yourself and i could not trust that list.   I usually use the list to find out if i know a mutual person applying for a job and use that person's opinion to vouch for the person applying for the job.     

  • Microsoft to buy LinkedIn

    The business facebook.  The new way to search for work or employees.  No more resumes and flying people in for interviews, interviews will happen with skype and save time and money.   It has potential for Microsoft continuing business software and maybe getting out of consumer stuff even more. Maybe they can use linkedIn to replace HR departments with software.   (who needs human resources anyway).   LinkedIn can be a valuable asset if you tie it with office software, email, skype, cloud management of data,  and it becomes the way human capital is managed.

  • Jury: Google allowed to use Java APIs in Android

    @evildictaitor:Yes Oracle bought Sun and gets the legal rights to Java. They also bought and inherit the commitments Sun made as letting Android use Java API's.   When you buy a company you get the good with the bad.  Maybe Sun would have been worth more if this commitment was not given. I also think Google would have dumped all of Java in Android without this commitment.




  • Jury: Google allowed to use Java APIs in Android

    @wkempf: That ruling is not about Oracle getting compensation on something they developed.  Sun developed Java and said anyone could use it long before Oracle bought them.  I don't see anyone copying or using Oracles database and thinking it is free since we all know its their property.  I think Oracle is wasting money on this case and everyone knows the true story here.  

  • Surface phone

    I think Microsoft could make an Android phone with addons that are Microsoft specific and this would take off.  Xbox specific stuff with maybe a better mobile office and some IOT cloud stuff. Plus they could make money paying themselves royalties. :D

  • Lumia Phone Firesale?

    @cheong:That is an interesting scenario.  So in Japan and Korea the phone games are so good that people would buy a tablet or laptop/pc with more horsepower and screen real estate in order to get a better experience gaming.  

  • Jury: Google allowed to use Java APIs in Android

    They say Oracle will appeal.   Oracle should spend their money on developing something new and stop paying attorneys to go to court on Lawsuits that amount to jealousy.  Happy for Google and the outcome but who really likes Java anyway. :D

  • Lumia Phone Firesale?

    , fanbaby wrote


    Your sense of humor is different from mine. What puzzles me is that this is a developer forum (right?) and people here champion s/w and design patents =:O

    EDIT: In your dreams it makes MSFT more money then Google

    I hate s/w and design patents and I see them as protecting large corporations while they squash the independent inventor.   I don't care how good your idea is, if Microsoft or Google want it they could take it and your only way to battle is in court.  You will lose so much money that you will wish you never patented anything.

    Microsoft is getting a check from the Android phone makers for each phone.  What does Google make per phone?  It is funny because it is ironic how this has turned out.  Microsoft should promote Android over iPhone based on this alone.