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TexasToast TexasToast
  • Project Centennial: is Microsoft giving up on UWP already?

    @Bmcmcm:I have not tried it yet but I have heard you are given access to new API's that are available in UWP only previously.   Some of these are improved security but I am hoping for a User interface that is ahead of what the desktop currently has.   I am also hoping that native compiling is now in desktop applications.   They had it working for Windows store apps but I heard no official word on where that is.  These would provide some motivation for desktop apps to move forward.  Of course,  they need to get everyone on window 10 too because store apps only work in windows 10.

  • Xamarin now Open Source and included with VS

    So is it in Visual Studio update 2?  I did not see it under new project.   Is there an additional download to light it up?

  • Minimal excitement to real PC, aka WM

    Don't be so surprised the writing was on the wall.  A lot of us already bought an Android, iPhone, or are looking for one already.   On the bright side, you can take visual studio and program all of them.  I like the remote C++ programming of Linux too.   The Linux / Bash announcement is nice but I personally wont need it since I use VM's or real Linux boxes.   


  • The Bot thread

    @Ian2:Eventually coffeehouse will only have bots talking to each other.  In fact, you might be one already.   I see a lot of applications for Bots being experts on product problems and organizing a knowledge base.  

  • Building excitement for Build 2016

    I can already run Linux on windows.  I just start my preconfigured VM in Hyper-V manager and I have Linux.  Why is Bash a big deal?    Also, how does the professional developer get helped by this.  What new markets open or problems get solved?

  • Building excitement for Build 2016

    @itsnotabug: Build is usually not about the Xbox or gaming.  It is talked about but never the focus so I doubt it.  The Xbox features are good that you mention for consumers, I just think they are not something professional developers care about .

  • Can I watch recorded video after build 2016 live stream broadcast?

    @ZippyV: This year you can watch them in 3D with HoloLens.  They will appear more real than last year. 

    Also, last year they gave out a $1000 HP spectre but this year you get to see a Surface 4 in VR and it should be just as good as getting one.    I think they will give out $30 raspberry pi's for freebees too to top it off.


  • Microsoft Impending Game Changers for Windows 10?

    It is about games ... and thus game changer.

    Microsoft will allow cross-network play between Xbox, PS4, and PC players. 

    Who cares... I mean its nice but I think it will mean little to most people. 

    Maybe they added live language translation to game chats which might be something worth while.

  • Windows 10 Mobile on 17th March 2016?

    @bondsbw:Hey I am with you.  What is the best Android phone out there right now that we should get?  With Xamarin on board with Microsoft it will be easy to to develop for any phone so why not go with Android.  If my Lumia 920 wont get updated,  I cannot see how I could stick with windows phone..

  • Microsoft Impending Game Changers for Windows 10?

    USB tethering and having my phone from becoming a small heater burning battery would be nice.  I prefer window mobile 8.1 to windows 10 for stability.