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TexasToast TexasToast
  • Windows-free for a week now, and surviving

    @fanbaby: Good luck.   Don't let the door hit you in the *.  Maybe you can now leave these forums  and complain about google on their forums.  You never appreciated Microsoft so the parting is mutual.

  • Microsoft working on new Chrome-like browser

    What a joke.  Write once, test on IE 6,8, 10, 11, IOS, Chrome, etc, etc.  I feel sorry for web developers and test engineers because it keeps getting worse to see if your app runs and looks the same.

  • new info around Midori team

    It would be nice if Felix9 would follow up on these tidbits of information with some type of editorial that tells us less informed followers what this all means for future products or tools.  It would be a educated guess but that's fine with me.

    I am interested in any information on .Net Native and where it is all going.  

  • Net Neutrality has a new champion

    @Proton2:Nice article.   I like the net neutrality == communism statement.  Also, he gives nice suggestions for solutions. 

  • Microsoft Watch

    I have hand my band for a while and I have to say so far I like it.   It could be a bit more comfortable to wear and it is a little difficult to use.  I wish there was a way to have the step counter calculation which also calculates distant, to be able to perform a self-tune.  In other words, when you turn on GPS for a run, it is very accurate on distance.   The step counter seems about 10-15% short.  So 4.5 miles is only 4 miles when using step counting with out GPS.   You would think it is a no brainer to just say calibrate and then the step counter would be more accurate.   I cant really tell how accurate the heart monitor is but it seems ok at this point.   I will try the step counter on a treadmill and see how the treadmill distance compares with the band calculation.

  • Net Neutrality has a new champion

    You need to buy the passes but you have to go early because they run out.  So you need extra money and get there early.  Maybe this is only six flags and not Disney.  I have not been to Disney for a while.  It was nice when Microsoft rented out six flags for a Build conference.  I think I rode the roller coaster for about 10 times in a row (did not even need to get off).  Now that is wealth put to good use. 

  • Net Neutrality has a new champion

    I think what everyone wants is free internet(or really cheap cover costs plus 5%), at max speeds (no slower than 1gps), and no middle man slowing anybody down intentionally.    I think that is what we should all have too. 

    Also we should have enough space mountains built so none of us have to wait in line.  We just hop on board and we can get on the ride again when we get off. 

    Also all planes should have first class seats and we have enough runways so no plane waits to take off.

    We should have no toll roads and enough lanes so there is never a traffic jam and we always get where we are going on time.

     I think all the hate in the world will then disappear and we can live happily ever after.

  • Net Neutrality has a new champion

    @bondsbw:It is about the last mile.   Comcast throttles Netflix because Cable is a shared resource and Comcast does not want to have Netflix hogging their pipe.   Now I know it is unfair to pick on Netflix especially if you are a customer and you do not want the crappy 1.5mps.   But it is unfair if Comcast lets it go at 20mps and I am not a customer of Netflix and see shitty internet because you want to watch a movie.  So how do we fix this problem?  Faster last mile speeds is the answer.   How do you get these speeds?  You have capital investments made for better equipment.   Where does the money come from?   I say it comes from Netflix and other big hogs who need it.  What do you say about where the money comes from?  I would like an answer like you run one of these last mile companies and your high CEO salary depends on a sound business decision.

  • Net Neutrality has a new champion

    @bondsbw: Well bad example.   I already can buy bandwidth city to city.(like from L3 Comm).  We are talking last mile.  (why I did boarding the plane example)    But at least you get the idea.  


  • Net Neutrality has a new champion

    Lets get rid of express lanes at Disney World too.  You should not be able to buy yourself a faster lane.  Also airlines should not be able to sell advanced boarding too.    Net-neutrality is really socialism.   

    Lets say I have a company and I make my own internet.  I lease lines and develop a fast network.   Now I want to get this network to my customers.   I go to Comcast / ATT etc and I buy bandwidth on their last mile network which gets priority because I paid for it.  Why should I not be able to do this?