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TexasToast TexasToast
  • Before Surface Pro 4

    , blowdart wrote

    Whatever happened to being content with a backpack? Bloody youngsters.

    I think it went the way of the $595 registration fee. 

  • Before Surface Pro 4


    , cheong wrote

    Que this is the giveaway we have for this year's Build event (it's price looks just right).

    This is not a developer device but more of a consumer device.  They will give away a surface 4 pro at Build.

  • windows changes and what goes on at hq

    , BitFlipper wrote


    When you choose to ignore all the negative feedback, the listener will ultimately take their business somewhere else.

    That's the part that does not sink in for bondsbw.  The listeners already voted and the sales numbers and money is not there for Microsoft.  Its so bad that they are scrambling to get Windows 10 out ASAP.

  • windows changes and what goes on at hq

    , bondsbw wrote


    You and several others on this board just seem to hate the idea of change.  All I can say is, get over it.  It happens, and it will continue to happen so long as there is healthy market competition.

    No you and several people want UI changes.  Financial numbers speak loudly and you are wrong if you think you are in the majority.   You can tweak things and add major features and improvements but keep the learned experience stable.  People want to become more efficient and more productive so I want to learn new things and not relearn old things.

    If Microsoft wants to make a new product that is really new and not touted as a replacement I am all for that.  This can be for guys like you who like new toys and don't make money using an OS like the majority of us.   There are a lot of new applications to write to solve problems and that is where I want to spend my time.   I don't want to teach my customers how to use an OS again for funs sake.

  • Does C# need AOP built in?

    You can inherit from multiple interfaces which helps.  I do miss multiple inheritance for classes just to make things easier at times but nothing is perfect.

  • Microsoft Watch

    So now these can be ordered in the UK and more available for everyone.  Ian did you order one?  (or are you saving money to go to Build?)

    Microsoft Band Available in UK



  • Windows Phone 8.1 development on Windows 7 PC

    That's why a lot of us upgraded to windows 8.  Windows 7 does not have Windows phone 8.1 development capability.  This is old news.

  • Build 2015 Giveaway

    @hchwa: They will give away a HoloLens and probably some other wearable device.  No more surface giveaways.(they have done that too many times)

  • Sprint-time for Hitler ....

    @vesuvius: I also see that the bigger the company/group is,  the longer it takes to develop.   If you could get a larger organization to work like a startup the schedules would shrink.  Large organizations need project management and everything is structured.  The faster more experience developers slow down because they wont do more than the sprint requires.   A lot of people get involved to discuss schedules and features etc without a lot of pressure on delivery.  Spread the blame so no individual is in the hot seat.  Also, since Visual Studio is already out in the world making money for the company,  the next best thing is not really needed.  Its not like a new product.  

  • Very cold in the queue this morning ...

    They will announce it but it will be hard to get I imagine.  Microsoft's Band has not been available online for over 2 months.   This will be a growth area if it covers health and we can measure blood pressure, glucose levels etc.  It will be like having a doctor monitoring your health 24 hours a day.  I will also be interested in what apple watch has for battery life or charging options. 

    By the way, Microsoft did release an API for their Band product.