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TexasToast TexasToast
  • Windows 10 (metro?) is butt-ugly

    , NoelCarboni wrote


    Reality does not change even if a mob of people achieve insanity.


    That quote can be used in many places.   Like world bankers etc. 

    What does Windows 10 really provide in terms of technical improvements over windows 7?

    Hyper-V? Multiple Desktops?  Live login with one-drive to save user data on all devices? Touch support?

    What else?  Not media center.

  • Windows 10 (metro?) is butt-ugly

    @Dr Herbie: I think he makes valid points on the User interface.  The auto update he complains about is getting old and might fall into some trolling but nobody is forcing you to read it.

  • Windows 10 (metro?) is butt-ugly

    @BitFlipper: Oh @wkempf was complaining about trolling.   I thought he was just posting a selfie. (one fine looking creature) :D

  • Reverse porting of the ios/ android to windows

    The answer is no for obvious reasons of keeping customers on windows 10 (answer from microsoft)

  • Best of //build/

    , PerfectPhase wrote


    If they want the audience to react, don't fill the f***ing main hall with journalists with their heads buried in laptops and push all the devs to overflow rooms to watch on a bloody screen.  Might have well stayed in bed and watched the live stream!! 


    They need to get Build out of San Francisco and go back to Orange County or LA.  This build has crappy logistics with lots of lines, another boring party, and not enough room for people.

  • Profoundly disappointed bay HoloLens demo

    Sounds to me that Hololens is next years story.   Not ready for prime time but it sure demos well.

  • Tablets are dying

    Microsoft is working on good things.   Here is the problem with some of the things said.  Yes its nice that windows 10 can run android apps and compile and run IOS apps.  There is a hidden message developers are starting to understand.  They are telling developers don't develop for windows 10 because your app only runs on Windows 10.  If you develop for IOS your app will run on Apple and Windows 10.   Sounds like they put up the white flag and gave up on winning the windows war.  

    Also, I am getting a clear message that windows store apps is the future and desktop apps are going to die (like Silverlight did).  They don't come out and say it but nothing new for desktop apps are being promoted or developed.   They will keep making window store apps better so there is no reason not to make one to replace a desktop application.   If they can force an upgrade on Windows 7 users I am for it because the big problem is windows store apps don't run on windows xp or windows 7.

  • Attendee Party

    They have really cheaped out on the parties.  They used to be awesome and now I even plan on skipping out and going to fishermans warf and some sight seeing.  It will be about 75 and sunny and sitting in a movie theatre which I can do anywhere just does not interest me.

  • just tried the iWatch.

    , Bass wrote


    Quite frankly people will buy this thing and they will love it too, because as magicialclick "biggest MS fanboy" admits, Apple's products produce profound emotions of quality like no other electronics company can. Really there is only two type of electronics companies, Apple and companies trying to be like Apple.

    Yeah walking your dog down the street with your iWatch and  iPhone will get you lucky every time.  (an iCollar on your dog would top it off)   I get the attraction but it is still a fad.  It might be a long time for the fad to die but it will eventually.   Also, I thought Sony was the best electronics company.   Anyway, I can't deny Apple stock is doing well.

  • just tried the iWatch.

    @spivonious:I have a Microsoft band and I do read text messages (only title)... The feature I like is when an incoming call comes in and it indicates who from ... then I go find my phone because I keep it on silent most of the time.   You feel a wrist buzz a lot more than a phone vibrate (like in a coat or you put it on your desk or car seat.  But really it is basically a great step counter with a few extras is how I sum it up.   Don't pay more than 200 bucks. An iWatch at 350 plus is just not worth it.

    This does remind me of the first mp3 players where we are just getting started.  The Band and iWatch will need several revisions and software to make it better and add more useful features.  I used the GPS on the band when I took a snowmobiling vacation so I could go back to the hotel and see what trails I took etc.  You could do that with your phone but it is more clunky and I cannot afford to drain my phone battery.  There will be a host of new apps out there to come.  Wifi might be a good addon in the future so you do not need your phone..  Charging is a pain also.