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  • Windows 10 announcement anticipation thread.

    @magicalclick: I just read this and things looking worse for windows phone.



  • Congratulat​ions! "Gadget of the Year"

    @TheTraveler:Yes but I already have 2 tablets and with windows 8 and your profile follows you on these tablets so using 2 devices is not a hassle.   (1 tablet is next to my bed for the scenario you describe).  I get the dual usage but if that is really the only great advantage I probably am not the target market.

  • Windows 10 announcement anticipation thread.

    Yes they need to get their strategy going.   I hear a lot of complaints that windows phone has no app for this or that.   Even the original surface does not have a Pandora app but you can get it on windows phone.  A nice unified system for a developer or company to quickly support all windows devices will help a lot.   Most companies want to have their apps to run on windows because of the number of users.  They don't care about windows phone because the user base is so low.   However, if you only have to spend an extra day or two to get it to run on windows phone after your windows app is done then they will throw it in for free. 



    After reading that I don't know how windows phone gets a market anymore.   They really need a killer app or feature. 

  • Congratulat​ions! "Gadget of the Year"

    Maybe I did not spend enough time on one at the Microsoft store, but what is it about the Surface 3 (other than marketing hype)  that makes it so desirable?  I still like the ultrabooks better like Ultrabook from Acer .   Not saying surface pro 3 is not good, but the one I would buy is about 1800 dollars and at that price you have a lot of ultrabook options.

  • Net Neutrality has a new champion

    @figuerres: Yes I know of UDP.  What does it have to do with design of a network?   I have never seen a design requirement in my life which states your comment. " Even with TCP the design says that stuff can happen and a good effort will be made to try and deal with it" 

    Hey Boss this is Gomer,  I tested the network and it dropped a few little packets but looks pretty good.  It tried real hard so I would say it passed.   

    Yes there is connected and unconnected packets.  That was not the point.  Even when I use UDP or multicast I prefer not to lose packets and to say you intended the design to lose packets is not what anyone would want.   Also if you read what he said he was talking about collisions which are rare now with modern switches.  This was more prevalent in old hub based connections.  Also, we are talking about TCP/IP for the most part.  But to answer your question I have heard of UDP and thanks for asking.

  • Net Neutrality has a new champion

    , davewill wrote

    The Network is where the dropping of packets can and by design does occur.

    Where do you get this idea?   I want to design a network which sucks, drops packets and breaks connections?   Nobody wanted this so it is not by design.   Its not collisions that cause problems but networks where packets exceed throughput.

  • Net Neutrality has a new champion

    Dahat:  What they really do not like is that someone comes along like lets say Microsoft who is starting there own CloudFlix movie service.   Microsoft goes to Comcast, Charter, ATT, Verizon, Hughes, and Timewarner and offers them a boat load of money to make sure their movie packets are prioritized.    The customers of Microsofts service will see movies that don't stutter or choke up.  They are happy but since Amazon and Netflix did not cut deals there movies start to look like crap.   Of course, now they pay these ISP's boat loads of money and they get priority.  The ISP now has extra money to improve their infrastructure and starts pulling fiber and buying new equipment.   Capitalism works just fine and we should leave it alone.    Capitalism is about if you have the money,  you  get the better service. (at least it used to be until socialism took over)

  • Net Neutrality has a new champion

    , ScanIAm wrote

    I'd like to see the promise of mesh networks fulfilled.  There's this idea that the internet demands low-latency to be good, but there are very few applications that require it.  The vast majority of applications can handle satellite latency, so mesh networks would be fine.

    That's why you should be against net neutrality.  Some applications need small amounts of data with a fast response back and forth.  Other applications are more one way with large amounts of data like streaming or serving large web pages.   The streaming has to be within a time limit to prevent wait I am buffering messages.   So based on the application,  the network use matters and therefore also be tolled for its use.  Netflix is not a good application for local ISP's because it chokes down their limited bandwidth.  If we all had high speed fiber to our house/apt I would be ok with Net Neutrality because the streamers would not be hogging the pipe and hurting the shared use by others.   I bet any money that when Net Neutrality passes, you will be paying for data usage.   Just like electric, you will pay premium dollar for evening usage.  ISP wont care what data it is,  it will just bill you for the bits going back and forth.

  • Told ya (dotnet)

    @cbae: I don't look at it as developers jumping ship.  It was Microsoft walking them down the Silverlight plank and then forcing them to jump.   Microsoft is now trying to save the developers they have left because there is a new captain running the ship.

  • Solar energy technology advancement

    , spivonious wrote

    While I think solar has a big place in the future energy ecosystem, nuclear is the best short-term option we have. Why not build a bunch of nuclear plants and move completely off of fossil fuels while we figure out how to do solar most efficiently?

    It would be nice to have a few smaller nuclear plants.   The US Navy has had no problems using Nuclear power for over 25 years.   Solar works in a few places and I would like to see it improved.  It just does not pay off yet to put panels in and have it offset what the utility charges.