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TexasToast TexasToast
  • October 6th ​Announcemen​ts

    @magicalclick:How about the $3000 HoloLens dev kit?  I bet you ordered that right away.

  • October 6th ​Announcemen​ts

    So no Google apps on Windows 10 phones?  Too good to be true.  I guess I will order a band since I don't need another phone or laptop.

  • October 6th ​Announcemen​ts

    If I can run Google Android Apps on my Windows 10 phone I am a buyer at any price.  I am tired of so many applications (usually some hardware I buy) that only support Apple iPhone or Google Android.  This would remove that obstacle.  I just am not sure if these apps will be crippled in some way if they run on windows phone 10.

  • New Lumias to feature Google Play Store?

    @spivonious:Google makes money advertising so for them its more market share. It wont hurt them so why not.  Google and Microsoft realize they need to take out Apple.

  • Trump card or what?

    Rand Paul makes sense to me.  Trump is fun to watch because the same old politician in the US is dying.  Trump wont make it to the finals but he is stirring up a lot of the anger out there. Obama made a mess in Iraq and created this Iraq and Syrian refuge crisis.  Yes Bush started that war but when you run for president your job is to take over all of the previous administrations problems and fix them whether you caused them or not.  If you cannot handle this do not run.   Leaving a void in Iraq was a huge mistake.   The US is still in Germany and South Korea to keep stability and to have pulled out of Iraq like he did was a huge mistake.  Weakness in the current administration is probably why Trump is gaining traction.

  • Microsoft Big IoT announcement

    @bondsbw:Yeah I never thought i would wear one either but it changed my mind and I like having it on all the time.  Problem is it gets banged up, dirty etc when working on the car or outside etc.  Also, for the ladies out there it looks like a prison bracelet.   This one needs some more styling and color options if the ladies are a target for version 2.  This product has a lot of possibilities for improvement so i think it has more of a future in upgrades.  Phones are starting to level out. 

    Would be nice for a trade in discount for loyal Version 1 buyers.

  • Microsoft Big IoT announcement

    Well I guess the word devices has a lot of different meanings.  I would like a new Band.  They are only good for a year with wear and tear so it will probably be a yearly upgrade. 

  • Microsoft Big IoT announcement

    Anybody have a guess as to what this event is about?

    Microsoft IOT event

    Could they be releasing HoloLens and SDK?

  • I'm not happy with Windows 10 (details inside) - am I missing something?

    @BitFlipper:I totally agree with you and I cannot understand how anyone working at Microsoft can think they created something better.  Why not just offer it up as a theme?  I want to know where the buttons are,  the menus are, and tabs without having to mouse over for them to light up.  It also is just plain boring.   The GUI designers at Microsoft should all be fired or worse.

  • I'm not happy with Windows 10 (details inside) - am I missing something?

    @bondsbw: That is correct that you can still develop for the desktop but it seems like some new features like compiled C# never made it to the desktop.  More of a disappointment than a show stopper.  It might be that most software vendors with complex applications will spin off a simple version to use on phones if the phone is a good client for parts of this application.   Things like Engineering Modeling tools or others really don't need a phone as a target.  An ERP application might have a complimentary application for showing some stats but might not be productive for data entry.   Also, as you probably seen in my past posts, I am not a big fan of Flat User interfaces and I think some of these dumb down interface changes were to make it easier for phones or tablets.   That is what irks a lot of desktop application developers is that they have to give up good User interfaces to make it easy for the dumber/smaller devices.