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TexasToast TexasToast
  • Modern Skype is dead.

    @magicalclick: What you can get straight is everyone will be on windows 10 in 1 year (free upgrade) or left behind with a dumb feeling that I could have saved all this money if I just would have upgraded.   Everyone on windows 10 is the Microsoft strategy that gets them to 1 billion potential universal app customers.   I hope it works because I don't want to maintain all these different app platforms.

  • Joe Duffy says: big year head, stay tuned

    , davewill wrote

    Yea.  It took a decade but it is nice to see the C syntax based folks coming around to the VB concepts (even if it has curly braces).

    And whatever you do, Joe Duffy, don't do anything to make VB programmers happy and think they are real software engineers. !! :)

  • Joe Duffy says: big year head, stay tuned

    , felix9 wrote

    @wkempf: well, I doubt it be M#, but perhaps the other way around, I mean, a C++-like(-based/-compatible) language but with more safety/productivity.

    I should wait to judge but I will put in my two cents.   I have programmed in C++ and C# and spent many years in both.   Some places like embedded etc C/C++ is your only choice.  It was your only choice before .net came along for windows for professional programs.  I don't need safe C++ and the market will be small.   Give me C# with memory management, no header files, great native compilation that runs fast and call it what you like.   I am not going back to C++ where I have C# as an option.   Whatever he is working on,  it better be the best of both worlds or he will just have wasted his time and energy.   Hard work is one component but intelligent direction is needed so you have an audience for your work.

  • Modern Skype is dead.

    , bondsbw wrote

    The article states that people prefer the desktop client because it has more functionality.  They are probably scrapping the current W8 app in order to create a completely new universal app that is more closely aligned with the feature set in the desktop app.  I'm not expecting to see that one until around the time of the W10 release, but who knows, maybe it will come sooner.

    Yeah I agree that is probably the Skype strategy and probably the strategy of others with modern apps that have a desktop equivalent.

  • Modern Skype is dead.

    , kettch wrote

    @TexasToast: The phone version sucks pretty bad, but from what I've read, it's 2-3 months behind the desktop version.

    Yeah I can put up with some bugs but it was so bad that you suffered.   Usually it is your only windows phone so a lot of us just reset back to the old OS.  I bet they have fewer testers as of late.

  • Modern Skype is dead.

    @magicalclick: Well, yes that part of the article is fine.   When I was at Build you get a strong picture that everyone WILL move to windows 10.   So will you eventually and you will get a nice universal app for Skype (it will run the same basic sw on your tablet, phone and pc)  The GUI will adapt to the device so touch will be supported and may be highlighted on touch devices. 

    I just hope windows 10 is finished and stable.  I have not had great luck with it so far on the phone and the last build was not working well on my HP spectre.  It makes it frustrating to try the new Universal apps,  IOT on Rasberry Pi, etc. 

    It also has to be stable so the Enterprise people (my people/customers) move to it.  Universal app is no good to me if I don't have end users who have an OS to run it.

  • Modern Skype is dead.

    @magicalclick:Well for Skype the modern version is not the windows 10 version.  It has to be made into a universal app . (which might not be much work)   It will draw from both desktop and modern to make 1 universal app.  In the big picture it is not even big news.  It is Microsoft back stepping on their original windows 8 strategy of two worlds of the same app.

    That article is wrong.  I still think touch will work fine on the universal version.

  • Modern Skype is dead.

    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote

    There is some speculation that they have a UA version of Skype in the works. That makes sense with the direction they've gone with Office.

    I think for Windows 10 you make all the apps you can Universal apps.  It never made sense to me to have two different apps doing the same thing ... like internet explorer (modern and desktop)

  • Modern Skype is dead.

    @magicalclick: Sometimes you have to unwind the mess your in.  Time to pay the piper and put your tail between your legs and go back to where you belong.

  • Joe Duffy says: big year head, stay tuned

    @wkempf: I hope so.  Its been a long time waiting .