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  • Jury: Google allowed to use Java APIs in Android

    @evildictaitor:Yes Oracle bought Sun and gets the legal rights to Java. They also bought and inherit the commitments Sun made as letting Android use Java API's.   When you buy a company you get the good with the bad.  Maybe Sun would have been worth more if this commitment was not given. I also think Google would have dumped all of Java in Android without this commitment.




  • Jury: Google allowed to use Java APIs in Android

    @wkempf: That ruling is not about Oracle getting compensation on something they developed.  Sun developed Java and said anyone could use it long before Oracle bought them.  I don't see anyone copying or using Oracles database and thinking it is free since we all know its their property.  I think Oracle is wasting money on this case and everyone knows the true story here.  

  • Surface phone

    I think Microsoft could make an Android phone with addons that are Microsoft specific and this would take off.  Xbox specific stuff with maybe a better mobile office and some IOT cloud stuff. Plus they could make money paying themselves royalties. :D

  • Lumia Phone Firesale?

    @cheong:That is an interesting scenario.  So in Japan and Korea the phone games are so good that people would buy a tablet or laptop/pc with more horsepower and screen real estate in order to get a better experience gaming.  

  • Jury: Google allowed to use Java APIs in Android

    They say Oracle will appeal.   Oracle should spend their money on developing something new and stop paying attorneys to go to court on Lawsuits that amount to jealousy.  Happy for Google and the outcome but who really likes Java anyway. :D

  • Lumia Phone Firesale?

    , fanbaby wrote


    Your sense of humor is different from mine. What puzzles me is that this is a developer forum (right?) and people here champion s/w and design patents =:O

    EDIT: In your dreams it makes MSFT more money then Google

    I hate s/w and design patents and I see them as protecting large corporations while they squash the independent inventor.   I don't care how good your idea is, if Microsoft or Google want it they could take it and your only way to battle is in court.  You will lose so much money that you will wish you never patented anything.

    Microsoft is getting a check from the Android phone makers for each phone.  What does Google make per phone?  It is funny because it is ironic how this has turned out.  Microsoft should promote Android over iPhone based on this alone.

  • Lumia Phone Firesale?

    @Ian2:I don't disagree with that.  The phone apps will be slimmed down little "buddy" apps to the main app which needs more screen real estate.  

    You can see what is happening with Windows.  Look at other threads about Microsoft doing anything they can to get you to go to Windows 10.  The UWP story is only viable when you get everyone on windows 10.   I am willing to bet money that the end of July free upgrade will get pushed out even further.   Microsoft still has a lot more to do to make UWP Apps easier, richer, and better for developers.  It needs to woo developers by being the best and most productive way to create applications.   Maybe the Xamarin people can get it going. 

    I actually thought about a Lumia 950 with a $150 trade in on a 920.   Looks like a Android phone is in my future.

  • Lumia Phone Firesale?

    It is funny that Android has made more money for Microsoft than Nokia and probably more money for Microsoft than Google got out of it.    So with Windows phone dead,  I predict UWP to die slowly also.   Lets remember, UWP apps do not run on Windows 7.   It will be Xamarin tools for phones and hopefully a new simple application platform that runs on windows 7, 8 , 10 and is as powerful as Windows Forms or WPF.    There is no reason for a developer to waste time on UWP.  It will die.

  • Project Centennial: is Microsoft giving up on UWP already?

    @Bmcmcm:I have not tried it yet but I have heard you are given access to new API's that are available in UWP only previously.   Some of these are improved security but I am hoping for a User interface that is ahead of what the desktop currently has.   I am also hoping that native compiling is now in desktop applications.   They had it working for Windows store apps but I heard no official word on where that is.  These would provide some motivation for desktop apps to move forward.  Of course,  they need to get everyone on window 10 too because store apps only work in windows 10.

  • Xamarin now Open Source and included with VS

    So is it in Visual Studio update 2?  I did not see it under new project.   Is there an additional download to light it up?