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TexasToast TexasToast
  • I'm not happy with Windows 10 (details inside) - am I missing something?

    I agree with most of NoelCarboni's comments but I also think it is not as easy as saying lets give up this fight because we lost.   It is still software and things can change.  If you have software products you sell and market to window's users, you just don't go to Linux and hope you can get them to change the OS they use.  It will not happen and you still want to make money.   The problem is you really do not have a good path forward for these real applications.  It will be mostly staying in desktop mode until Microsoft makes a better solution.  They have ERP applications they make coming out of North Dakota so it will be interesting to see how they move forward.

  • I'm not happy with Windows 10 (details inside) - am I missing something?

    @bondsbw: Give it up pal.  Your the only one here who has drank the Kool-Aid.  Where are all your friends who think like you.  You have to fight so many here to say how things are getting better but the rest of us know it is not.

  • Is it even possible to have a redundant internet connection and desktop at home?

    , figuerres wrote


    thing is that if you are "at home" you are not a "commercial" account.

    if you need to host servers then put the stuff in a data center;  that is really the only decent way to do it.

    You can run  business/commercial accounts at home.  Datacenters are nothing but a rack, power supply, and some redundant Ethernet hookups.  I run servers at home, they have power backup, and at home business internet. 

    Does Azure give you full custom DNS access and custom IP filtering?

  • Windows 10 Aero

    So when is the Aero theme showing up in windows 10?   

  • Cortana and Privacy

    A lot of privacy concerns in windows 10.  In the US, the NSA will keep all their hooks into anything you do anyway so don't count on any privacy. (unless Rand Paul gets elected).  

    But back to your question, there is no easy way to just turn off all tracking in windows 10 that I have found.  The OS is licensed to you,  you do not own it so when you agree to license terms you might be agreeing to some of your privacy being given up.

  • Edge browser bug

    @bondsbw:I would use the word bloated rather than complex.

  • Edge browser bug

    Edge is not ready for prime time.  It has problems working on Amazon where search results do not come back.  I mean what are they testing if not hitting the major websites for operability?  I have had it just close down (it crashes) for no reason.  

    What is going on this world when we use to be able to write entire Operating systems in a couple years from scratch and now we can't do an application in 2 years.  It seems the world is in a major slowdown.   Empire state building goes up in 13 months and we cannot put up a 9/11 replacement building in 13 years and counting. That is just one example but I am sure everyone is seeing the same slowdown.

  • Microsoft wins against the evil Google

    Microsoft vs Google

    So now Microsoft is on the side of the good guys, and Google is evil. (and Apple).  This lawsuit makes Google look bad and not on the side of free and open source like they want everyone to believe.


  • So how did the Win10 install go for you?

    @Sven Groot: Sven, when you have had enough of working at Microsoft, I would suggest you not try being a comedian. :D   

  • So how did the Win10 install go for you?

    Two laptops went ok and three desktops are waiting (I wonder how they pick who goes first?)