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TexasToast TexasToast
  • should VW engineers be responsible for the scandal?

    The engineers are responsible.  They are responsible for making a good diesel engine that performs great but pollutes maybe a little too much.  So to make the customer  happy they just put in a small feature to change operational parameters when pollution testing is happening.  The result of them being caught will cause the small diesels to die out because the new ones will suck in performance and nobody will buy them.   I think the VW stock holder will suffer and the engineers will be fired. They will find a good position in government or wall street because that type of out of the box thinking is what the world needs.

  • Windows Phone, may ye rest in peace... the clone wars are over and the droids are winning.

    Microsoft has skype and my desktop makes phone calls with video if I choose just fine.  So functionality is already in both.    Will my phone ever be able to do intense gaming with virtual reality?   I don't see that happening for a while.  As computers get more powerful, more power hungry games (cpu/graphics) come along.   Also, I like multiple devices including my Band, phone, laptop, and desktop.  Windows 8/10 did on nice job with moving settings and storing common docs etc.

  • Windows Phone, may ye rest in peace... the clone wars are over and the droids are winning.

    @Ian2: Yeah my phone, in an indirect way, runs all the powerful apps on my desktop.  Still not perfect but another nice feature if I don't have my laptop which remotes in all the time.

  • Windows Phone, may ye rest in peace... the clone wars are over and the droids are winning.

    , Ray7 wrote


    Actually, you're displaying the same lack of strategic thinking that has brought Microsoft to the position it finds itself in today. 

    "No apps! Panic! Quick! Run everyone else's! That was such a blinding win for OS/2 I have no idea why we didn't think of it before!"

    The lack of apps is a symptom of low sales; it isn't the cause. Here are a few possible causes off the top of my head:

    1. Porting all your best apps to other platforms and then neglecting the home platform.
    2. Making stupid decisions for short-term savings and then having to back them out a week later.
    3. Your ex-CEO publicly undermining the new guy.
    4. Wasting resources running apps Android/iOS apps on your own platform. This gives the impression your OS is already on life support. 

    The problem is Microsoft, not the platform.

    But if you must go the Android route, then Bass is probably right: you may as well just dump Windows Phone, port everything to Android and have done with it.


    See this is where you don't get it.  I am not moving off of Windows (10, or 7) for my development and projects.   Where applicable I also support Android or iOS.   My problem is others do not do the same. I don't control this part of problem so there is nothing I can do to get an Android or iOs only app to work on a windows phone.  I should mention that there are emulators that work on the desktop/laptop and allow these Android apps to run which does help.  Without windows phone getting market share,  it does not make sense to port windows apps to universal apps.  Why?   They work well on the desktop already and UWP is a step backwards just to get an app to run on a phone (or xbox).   I think if Microsoft could make UWP apps the best development experience,  they could gain traction because I would see it as a application improvement and gain the benefit of running in many places like the phone.   Saying this UWP would have to run on windows 7 since I have a lot of users still there.   The problems are complicated as to Microsoft achieving its goals.

  • Windows Phone, may ye rest in peace... the clone wars are over and the droids are winning.

    Ray7 and MasterPi, I agree that what you both stated would be ideal.  It would be nice to submit all the apps I want that are not available on windows phone to Microsoft and have them talk to the respective developer/company and get a windows 10 native application on it.   In the interim what is the solution?  Lets all wait till everything gets done on Windows?  I just don't see this happening as every month/year that goes by windows phone falls further behind.  I hope I am wrong on this.  Android emulation would be a Band-Aid for a short term solution and would not hurt windows 10 development like you all think.  The other hope would be a killer app/novelty that would make everyone want a windows 10 phone. 

  • Job posting with ​interperson​al skill???

    Scrum does not work either in large companies.  They tend to fall back to mini waterfalls and create an illusion of scrum.

  • Windows Phone, may ye rest in peace... the clone wars are over and the droids are winning.

    Here is another nice piece of hardware that only supports android or iPhone.


    This list is huge for apps that tie to hardware with only iPhone and Android supported.  This basically cripples the Microsoft phone to being a basic phone. 



  • Windows Phone, may ye rest in peace... the clone wars are over and the droids are winning.

    @figuerres:I think they will walk back that decision on dropping android emulation. 

  • Windows Phone, may ye rest in peace... the clone wars are over and the droids are winning.

    Yeah I understand the frustration.   I am going to wait a bit longer to see if Android apps are going to be supported and run on windows phone.  

    Even Amazon Fire TV which I use runs Androids apps (yeah its based on Android) so I don't see a problem with Microsoft sucking it up.   Admit the defeat,  keep windows 10 rolling but support a Android eco system.   If this does not happen its over.  This decision will be in the next 6 months.

  • They killed windows phone today?

    @RealBboy360: I am not saying its hard port the app and I have no problems with my work.  The problem is I still need to use a phone for other companies/peoples products.  They are NOT including windows phone as a device for their apps.  (as a side note ,  even a Financial app like Fidelity is crippled on windows phone but has full features on iPhone) . 

    Short term run Android apps on Windows 10 phones and long term work on getting windows 10 apps.   In the next year,  if Microsoft does not make this happen its over for windows phone.  Ballmer knows this and since he is a major shareholder he is pissed.