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TexasToast TexasToast
  • Stop the madness mark 2.

    I thought the first year the upgrade is free.  So if you have windows 7/8 pro you get pro free.  Otherwise pay up or shut up..  no excuses for forced updates if your that cheap. 

  • No 3rd party payments through MS Store on Windows 10

    You never want to give up control of handling the money unless your forced to. 

  • Stop the madness!

    @NoelCarboni:If your application is doing air traffic control that problems gets worse.  I think Microsoft realizes updates cannot be automatic in all situations and won't do it for pro sku's and above as stated in another thread. 

  • Another day, another locked thread

    , kettch wrote

    @TexasToast: If you still have Windows 7 customers, and they plan on staying there for a while, then continue to build Windows 7 apps, knowing that when the customers upgrade, the apps will still work.

    Yes that's the plan for now.  We see more opportunity in maintaining support for desktop windows and new development targeting IOS and Android where mobile versions make sense. 

    And maybe the IOS version can then become a Windows 10 app with Microsoft's new porting tools.  It just not easy justifying a universal app since it would not run on IOS, Android, or Windows 7.   Again, Microsoft can make it financially difficult for Windows 7 users and easy for windows 10 users.   This story played out a while back when we went from DOS to windows.  We will see how this plays out too in the next 2 years.

  • Another day, another locked thread

    , bondsbw wrote

    The API must be available before the API can be used.  

    Are you Nancy Pelosi?   "we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it,"

    Seriously ... start two threads..  Why I like Windows 10  and Why I don't like Windows 10 and agree not to comment in each others threads ...


  • Another day, another locked thread

    , bondsbw wrote


    Sure, I can buy that.  But his comments are almost all related to asthetics, which are subjective and opinionated.  I, along with many others here, do not share those opinions.  I like the style of modern apps.

    Well there are some of us who make money off of selling applications to users.  How do I sell my modern app to the majority of my users running windows 7?   It does not matter how nice modern apps are if they cannot run on the major version of windows.  

    I hope Microsoft gets everyone to upgrade so the whole story they are selling works out but right now I am not convinced.  

    At Build the story was how to get your software that runs on windows 7, IOS , or Android onto Windows 10.  (almost begging developers to please come to my party ... I used to be cool)

  • Build 2015 Giveaway

    Has anyone upgrades the SSD in this HP Spectre x360?  What part did you use? I want to put in the 512gb but I don't see crucial showing a hp spectre x360 as an option yet.

  • Window container support on client

    On the server side I think everyone is using VM's.   That's why Microsoft made a server that's entire purpose is to host VM's.   Why wouldn't you have VM's which are easily backed up and moved in your infrastructure backend?   It is probably some of the best technology in the last 10 years available to everyone.  (even your own server).  

  • Another day, another locked thread

    @NoelCarboni:Nice post and well said.  This forum has people who know what your talking about. 

    You will eventually figure out what posters are the real trolls here. 

  • Another day, another locked thread

    I don't mind some heated discussions that get out of control.   The political ones here were some of my favorites.  It can be good therapy and make a good distraction.  I think in the end, niners eventually calm down and move on.  Besides, what would blowdart do if he did not get to close a thread now and then.  My personal favorite is when cbae and dahat get into politics.  Those are just great to read.   Speaking of politics,  I know some British niners have opinions on the last election.