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    @holisticdetective: Right on the money! i too have suggested in the Windows Blog page that now with this whole update fiasco messing up their initial roadmap, that "Mango" should be broken up into 2 updates and yes definitely Multitasking in the first half as it should improve sales and also development with apps in addition to just making the overall user experience even better.

    Hoping to hear some good news by this week.

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    Most People aren't even upset about not having copy n paste, It's more about the bug fixes (more so with the Marketplace) that have yet to be addressed until that "NoDo" update or so i'm hearing. They should've found a way to seperate updates for bug fixes and adding new features and just push them out to the users without carrier interference.

    "Apple never mentioned it until they did their annual iphone reveal.
    so MS is getting more complaints just because they are communicating with people."

    Microsoft made the announcements but up until now they haven't communicated with its user base about the issues many have been having with their phones.

    I just hope to see some progression on this by this week.

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    Definitely need to cut the ties with the carriers involved in the "Update Process", We should be getting them directly through Zune without carrier interference. I think thats really the direct question we need answered right now.

    Why are carriers involved in this process and what damage can OS updates possibly do to their network, if any?


  • Countdown to MIX11: Joe Belfiore Talks Phone

    I'm here to voice my fraustrations about this whole Windows Phone 7 update process AND with Microsoft.

    The terrible communication between MS, Carriers and Consumers. Just what the hell is this "TESTING" phase for when this copy n paste update has been finalized since December?

    Many of the fraustrated consumers are the ones who have defended this Platform because it's very good and has so much potential which now seems to be put on hold because of this entire nightmare of no one knowing whats going on and who's at fault and no one wants to take responsibility for whats happend.

    Microsoft you don't have any TIME to spare with your (now) customer satisfaction going down the drain while you're still trying to play catch up with your competitors.

    I feel like if we're to stick with you guys through this whole mess we should be rewarded with a early "MANGO" update release by Summer as soon as you fix this Windows Phone Update mess since you guys seem to be displaying these Multi-tasking, IE9, HTML5 etc in REAL-TIME on events.

    I really don't want Windows Phone 7 to FAIL because of poor decisions/handling by Microsoft to execute on their promises. I however CANNOT recommend any of my friends/family to get a WP7 phone anymore unless this gets resolved ASAP!