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  • Windows Home Server

    The concept is awesome, it is just unfortunate it took/taking so long to become a reality.  I'd already have this purchased, configured and running if it was available.  Anyway at all to get on the private beta list?

    Sounds very similar to a product I have been using for many years, Mirra, except with many additional features that Mirra should have come up with ages ago.  Such as remote access to the server or workstations on the home network not just the files.  Ability to share the backed-up files on the network.  Abilty to expand HD space by adding internal or external storage devices.

    2 things specific to my personal scenario which would definitely sell me on the WHS.

    1.  If there are shared folders on WHS, such as music, videos, pictures, will the only way to access them be through a "media connect" compliant device?  Or as long as the device can see a shared folder in XP it will be able to see a shared folder in WHS?

    2. Since the WHS, is likely to be online at all times, is it possible to use the WHS to run a website so it is not necessary to have two computers running at all times?

    You definitely have a very, very, very eager fan of this application only a couple things possibly stand in the way of me selling my Mirra to change to this solution.  I am amazed at how long it took to create an alternative solution, but it sounds like this is worth the wait.  Keep up the good work!