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  • Ping 51: TechFest, Ballmer, Xbox, Android & Tina Wood!

    Aah, nostalgia. Now all we need is Geoff Keighley and we'll be set. Thanks to all who set this up, real treat for fans of that old show on that old network that used to be about video games.


    @Paul "The winner will be unveiled.... After the break! -episode ends-". Don't worry brother, Ping isn't Ping without you and Laura.

  • Ping 25: Comedians, SQL server, Photosynth, Facebook, Zune, Bingle

    Wisnia had replied to Intelman, saying something along the lines of...


    "So what if he has a Made On A Mac icon on his website. He's only human." (Not a direct quote)


    I believe he may have posted it before Paul replied to Intelman, but he definitely had before I posted mine.

  • Ping 25: Comedians, SQL server, Photosynth, Facebook, Zune, Bingle

    The dude really don't look like he wants to be there, but I did enjoy his "So we can't mention something, is that what I learned from that?" bit. He's probably a lot funnier dirty.


    I'll really enjoy the Bingle waking me up at 2:30 in the morning and make me blindly, frantically look for the remote.


    SQL Server goes straight over my head too, so I'll skip that, lest I talk out of my * like someone on a Mac forum.


    It's obvious viral video does and will continue to effect consumer choices. Even though the product isen't out there and for everyone to see, it makes people care more because there's no hint of a marketing ploy upon first glance. It's like the infamous scene in A Christmas Story, where Ralphie decodes the Litte Orphan Annie message that turns out to be a commercial for Ovaltine. Even though it pissed him off, it was still fun for him to decode the message (it's worth noting that there never was such a message for the real Orphan Annie decoders, but you get my point). And as Laura brought up, Alertnate Reality Games like ILoveBees (it still works!) are prime, real-life examples of this. People like games, and digging around the internet for information on something that catches their eyes, however absurd, is fun. It's easter-egg hunting. And if it doesn't sell? Hey, it gets more peoples attention than just plain "I'm a PC". However, I do believe showing people what they can do creatively and fluidly with your product is the best way to advertise.


    Facebook. Social Networking. GNAWING SMASH! Photosynth is pretty cool though, so I guess if you can get it somewhere else, why not?