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  • Brian Harry on Team Foundation Server Past, Present, and Future

    TFS is an awsome product.
    Brian rocks!
    I really like the open APIs and the community created around TFS.
    can't wait for the next releases of TFS and the power toys  tools.

    Keep up the good work!
  • Sonal Pardeshi - Using VSTS's Source Code Management

    I'd like to know how TFS (and the rest of VSTS for that matter) relates to Microsoft’s 'eating our own dog food' motto.
    Yes, I've heard the VS team uses it.
    But what about other teams will be using it ?
    Okay, the Windows, SQL, Exchange, Office products are not a match for TFS, but what about other products, smaller ones, like BizTalk, ISA Server, Data Protection Manager.....

    I feel (and partially know) that as far as it goes for development tools and platforms there is much less 'eating our own dog food' at Microsoft...
    For example, is ISA server really developed with Visual Studio (from what I've heard it is not the case)

  • Rob Franco and team - IE 7 Security

    The pure evil movie, I have no idea, but this thing might know...
    I can thing of one of the ghost busters sequels or Newman (from Seinfeld... he is pure evil)

  • Jeff Meng, Paul Sliwowicz, Gerald Maffeo - IO Cancellation

    What about canceling IO via managed code?:O

  • Shell Team - Exploring and Using Windows Vista

    wow.... the windows programming bible (Charles Petzold) is now a monitor stand.....

    Another thing, C++, COM, WTF ?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?
    Do the work and let us do this in managed code!!! get a grip!

    Finally, one of the guy mentioned that if the one of the handlers doesn't work properly the UI will hang! I don't think that's acceptable, spin another thread (call each handlers in different thread), cache thumbnails, disabled badly behaving handlers....
    don't repeat the mistakes of the past
    Make the UI/Shell look nice is very nice.... but I think you must make it multi-threaded

  • Anders Hejlsberg - LINQ

    Oh my god! Oh my god!

    my jaw is on the floor!Big Smile

    I didn't think about using generics to extend existing types!!
    It didn't quite sink in yet... is this something we will be able to do in 2.0 ?

    Scoble: It's not free.... we pay for windows!
    bill makes money by selling windows, office, exchange, sql server.....
    developers help him sell those thing by developing great apps.
    (.... I know u know that.....)

  • Dustin Hubbard - Demo of Tablet PC Experience Pack

    I wonder why Dell & IBM which are two of the three important laptop vendors don't have a tablet PC out yet.....

    IMHO, The fact that Dell and IBM don't have a tablet PC is one of the major reason that the digitizer is not a part of every laptop...
  • Joe Stegman - What can't you do with WinForms?

    Never worked with Flash, probably never will...
    But I think you missed the point, which is do professonal/LOB/Enterpirse application need animation?
    Joe S. claims that this is not the case (i.e. there is no need for animation and advanced UI in professional apps) - If this is the case why is Microsoft doing Avalon (at least the advanced animation and 3rd graphics support in it)?

    My guess is when Avalon is available, Microsoft will say that advanced graphics (animations, 3rd) are very important/essential in professional LOB/Enterprise applications. Also, I dear to predict that the version of Office following the release of Avalon will use more animation and 3D graphics.

    You can look here in order to see how basic animation can be helpful in professional applications (Outlook)


  • Joe Stegman - What can't you do with WinForms?

    If flash application are not 'sophisticated' application, so why Avalon capabilities reminds me of Flash ?

    I remember seeing some Avalon Demos with very cool animation (like thinks that Flash can do today) if this type of animation is not for LOB/Enterprise apps, why to invest in it.... or is it simply an issue of 'we don't have it (yet) so it's  not something you really need'



  • Chris Gray - Terminal Server Client, RDP, demo

    No more CRT displays on videos.. you can't see %#$%# with those refresh lines on them!

  • Mike Hall - Windows CE and Windows Embedded Lab Tour

    With regard to Mike’s comment that people tend think that WinCE is all about PDAs & SmartPhones, that this tendency is IMHO encouraged by Microsoft, which gives a lot of justified hype to those types of devices. Just to be clear, I think that they are great pieces of technology and IMHO have a much better user & developer story to offer when compared to the competition.


    Since the.NET CF doesn’t offer a componentization capability, severely limiting the types of application that it can be used for, or in other words limiting the types of applications that it can be used develop to devices of a gadget like nature….. Not that there is anything wrong with that.


    Usually, when Microsoft talks about developing for WinCE they in almost all of the cases talk about developing using .NET CF and I think that the result of that is the tendency of people to associate WinCE with ‘gadget’ like devices.