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  • Luca Bolognese: C# and VB.NET Co-Evolution - The Twain Shall Meet

    Hi Luca

    Last year I watched your "LINQ to SQL" presentation , and was impressed with the technology .. and started to use it ..

    Sadly "Linq to SQL" seams to be going down the drain and is being replaced with "Linq to Entities" ..

    Why can't such a concept as "co-evolution" exist for both technologies ??

    Noting that both technologies are a subset of either C# or VB .. Now if MS cannot keep both technologies ( i.e. LINQ2SQL & LINQ2Entities ) co-evolve .. then how would C# and VB could possibly co-evolve !!!

    Just wondering !! Wink


  • Expert to Expert: The Basics of SmallBasic

    You should add some Syntactic sugar to the language

    1) So at least rename the TextWindow object to T  ( i.e. the letter T )
    and the graphics window to only G
    and make the default window to selected automatically or by declaration
    I don't want my kids to waste their time in typing long words
    compare this :
    n = T.Readnumber()
    with this
    n = TextWindows.Readnumber()

    2) Remove redundant brackets  ... for empty arguments !!  so we'd have ...
       Writeln "Hello World"
       instead of
       Writeln("Hello World"

    4) add BASIC keywords and GWBASIC ... such as DATA , etc

    5) How about simple file handling ( open , read , write  ..) ??

  • A lap around Windows 7 new Scenic Ribbon

    Who said that the Office RIBBON was a good thing in the first place ???
    It's damn hard to get used to .. I prefer the good old menu system ...
    Even if the ribbon is there , there should be an option for the user to choose a classical menu interface ...
    Clasical menues have : have predefined keyboard shorcuts, and they are faster to use without having to move the mouse and no need to even look at the keyboard ...
    But when it comes to this silly RIBBON interface one tends to waste the time wondering where a command is located ….. which reminds us of the old Start Menu .. where you'd spend an average of 1/2 an hour a day searching for program shortcuts ..
    Now VISTA offers quick search in the start menu .. but Office 2007 would reclaim that wasted 1/2 an hour in searching and locating the UI commands ...
    Please let the RIBBONS in Windows 7 an option .. and make sure that good old menus are available for users who want things done and not waste their time in figuring out where a command is  ...

  • Sharepoint Enthusiast? You Don't Wanna Miss This Event

    Will there be a preview of the NEXT version of SharePoint ??
    Malek Badi
    Microsoft Certified Partner
    Tripoli - Libya
  • Anders Hejlsberg and Chris McConnell: Reflections on LINQ, Desktop Search, WinFS, Functional and Int

    Improving Full Text Search in Documents (see my Blog article)

    Traditionally all text in a document is treated equally in the search ranking ..
    But let us assume a typical document with following content :
     Document Name
     Document Title
     Section Headers
     foot notes

    If one is searching with a naked eye , surely the bolder and bigger the text the higher relevance it would be given ..
    So if a searched phrase or word occurs in a section heading in one document and occurs in a foot note in another document .. The  search engine should rank the former document higher than the latter ..

    This would lead to Search engines that should understand the formatting and structure of the document and would result in a more intelligent ranking algorithms ..
    So perhaps in the future we will have a "Text-Format-aware"  search engines .. Maybe you should get started creating Word DOC, PDF, XLS ..etc .." filters that can understand the formatting of the documents and that would result in a more realistic ranking ...

    OK .. I think this is a new IDEA so I'will be applying for a patent ..

  • Brian Beckman: Monads, Monoids, and Mort

    It's funny that you're arguing about wether a K is 1000 or 1024
    I presume it all depends on context ...
    In my view having new abbreviations such as Ki, Gi & Mi would not be easily adopted ...
    Proof: you're still using the Gallon, Mile, Pound , etc.. while the rest of the world are using the Metric system (Kg,Km, Litre,.. etc)
  • Made In Express: The Contest

    Mr Dan

    I don't see any justificastion of your explanation but utter ignorance and misunderstanding ...
    Just to keep you in the know .. I assure you that Microsoft is already officially doing business in Libya..
    And the rules you put in your contest are unfair .. just for the sake of argument rephrase your rule number 5 to read as follows:

    "5) ELIGIBILITY: This Contest is open to individuals 13 years of age or older at time of entry. Void where prohibited by law, including the countries of Germany, Italy, France , Malta and Mexico .  etc...."

    I'm sure that such a rule would be considered unfair and unjust.

    And another argument is that any person above 13 years may participate .. So let's assume that some-one  under 16 was considering participation .. According to you rules he'll be accepted if he is above 13 .. In other words such a person would fall in the age range of 13 to 16 .. and hence he would be considered as a child ..
    And this rule would be a violation to his right because someone from the mentioned countries would not be allowed .. in contrary to the
    "United Nations General Assembly adopted Convention on the Rights of the Child" and specifically Article 2 which states:

    Article 2
    1. States Parties shall respect and ensure the rights set forth in the present Convention to each child within their jurisdiction without discrimination of any kind, irrespective of the child's or his or her parent's or legal guardian's race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or or other opinion, national, ethnic or social origin, property, disability, birth or other status.

    see for more details

    SO I would kindly ask you to remove rule number (5) from your contest rules which I consider offensive and unfair ..

    May be such a rule slips un-noticed due to the frequent usage in various instances, but for me I do recognize it's negative impact on many people...

    Thanks for your Reconsideration ..

    Noting that I had been a regular visitor to your excellent Channel9 site
  • Made In Express: The Contest


  • Made In Express: The Contest

    I tried to fill in the form for entering the competition
    at this url:

    and was disapointed when I couldn't find my country "Libya" listed in the countries  list box  .. 
    So I will not participate until such an issue would be corrected ..

    I hope that this was an error and not based on prejudice or racist view on your part ... Sad
  • MIX06: AJAX

    Yes you're right .. it is ..
  • Michael Kaplan - Bringing Windows Vista to ​Internation​al markets

    Thanks for the great Job you're doing..
    However I do some times encouter bugs in your localisation ..
    Having to deal with the Arabic localised versions of Windows and MS Products .. I tried to post various bugs and issues via various MS feedback forms , but never had a professional reply , and if there was a reply it seemed that our issue was mis-understood ...

    Here are some issues regarding the Arabic Localization of Windows and specificlly as applied to choosing an "Arabic- Libya" regional settings :

    1) Microsoft wrongly assumes that we in Libya use "AZERTY" keyboards  WHICH is WRONG.. but in fact we only use "QWERTY" keyboards.

    2) Microsoft wrongly assumes that we in Libya use French as a secondary language WHICH is WRONG.. but infact we commonly use "English" as a secondary language...

    3)  Microsoft wrongly assumes that we in Libya use the "Hindi" numerials  WHICH is WRONG.. and in fact we use "Arabic Numerals" as used in europe an all over the world..

    I hope that such issues would be looked at and put right in next releases of Windows..
    I'm sorry that I posted such a comment here , but I found this place to be the right place to bring attention to such issues as we tried other means and none worked..