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  • Help Desk with Chris Pirillo on Channel 9 Live (Pilot Episode)

    "I hope you'll all tune into this pilot episode. Chris will be hosting this first episode and will be flanked with a number of people from the product team."


    No thanks, I got tired of shows like "JayWalking" where people show their ignorance years ago...

  • Help Desk with Chris Pirillo on Channel 9 Live (Pilot Episode)

    Chris is basically a hack that goes with the pimp with the fattest wallet. He was given free Macs and pretty 30" screens and suddenly Vista was crap. They stopped giving him new Mac hardware and Windows7 was awesome again. Werid uh?


    One of his 'best' complaints is that HP didn't have a Vista driver for his Printer that was 6 years old during the beta so Vista was crap. Brilliant aye? Go look it up.


    Channel9 just lost all credibility by implying that Chris knows his nose from his elbow. 


    Several years ago I emailed Chris about Vista when he was proclaiming OS X was superior, on some very specific issues. He didn't realize that you could search for items in the Vista control panel from the Start Menu and instead proclaimed OS X was brilliant and smarter than Vista because it offered results from the Control Panel in the Search box.  Scary uh?  I still find it hard to believe he was that stupid. But then again, he doesn't fully understand NT, what makes an OS a *nix or that Win9x and NT are different OS technologies.


    I still have the emails if anyone at Channel9 is interested.


    His knowledge is below almost any freshman level CS or CIS student, yet because people don't know any better they listen to him because of his time on TechTV.   Additionally, I would bet good money that most of the people that visit Channel9 would be better at answering technical questions than Chris, and this is going to be very embarrassing for Channel9 and him.