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  • Chatting about LINQ and ADO.NET Entities

    I have been evaluating report modeler from Reporting Services for the last week and it has a bunch of great ideas with it which I am guesing is the start of the ADO.NET Entity Framework (v3/vNext).  The biggest weakness that I saw imediately in the report modeler was its enterprise capablities (mulitple databases, multiple database platforms - I don't count views and linked servers as a practical way to build an enterprise model)

    I hope that they make it so the that the entities have there own data source and then create roles in between those entities. 

    Also, more control over the autogeneration would be nice such as the ablity to "lock" the schema of a data object (i.e. entity, role, attribute) 

    Oh yeah, I also hope Linq and ADO.NET Entities get on the same page.