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  • WPF Effects Library Demo


    I highly recommend downloading the video sample on this page. It's an excellent catalog type reference resource allowing you to decide, more accurately, as to what type of effects you want to incorporate into your application systems. This all accomplished at the concept phase of development will save immeasurable amounts of time.

    The video file along with the application example provided in a previous thread on this page will offer a wonderful primer on the subject of special effects and transitions for WPF new-bees like myself.

    Ideas were exploding in my brain whilst watching the online video demo... WPF is quite comprehensive.

    Anyone coming to this page for the first time should do themselves a favor and 'right click' the video format of their choice under the video's "download" link (above) and 'save target as.'

    Allot of these effects are broadcast quality "out of the box."


    Many thanks to you ladies and gentlemen of Codeplex and your associates.


    Some might also be interested in expanding their networked resource lists by including the developer resource site Code Project in their personal Work Flow. It's chock full of Visual Studio Developer goodness.