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  • Kids Programming Language

    Guess what we did last week?  We released KPL version 2, renamed as Phrogram. It's the second part of what we demoed in this video, with the 3D support. It's also much more powerful than was shown in the video - that WAS 11 months ago!

    Lots of good stuff happening with it, but I won't spam that here - if you're interested, the new community site is up and hopping at

    The new site is also based on Community Server technology, btw, the same that Channel9 uses - thanks to them for the excellent recommendation!

  • Scoble: Exit Stage Left

    Great interview, guys.  You not only speak of but you demonstrate your  own points.  You're honestly and openly saying what you think, and it makes sense.  What you're saying and what you're doing is equally a tribute to Microsoft, who has paid you and encouraged you to do it.  It seems to me this kind of intelligence and openness and communication is a really good response to the various kinds of anti-Microsoft bigotry.  And what you're saying and what you're doing is a credit to and proof of the new medium and new technology that makes this all possible.

    Muchos kudos,

  • .NET in MOM

    Brijesh!  Cool to see you.  Smiley  Remember me from the early days of MOM at MSFT?  .NET rocks, of course, so glad to see big visibility for its use with MOM.

    Jon Schwartz  

  • Kids Programming Language

    There are 28 jobs listed at DICE for LISP programmers. 

    There are 3821 for VB programmers.

    There are 4581 for C# programmers.

    Here's an analogy: is it more useful for your kids to study Spanish or Chinese or Japanese as a second language?  Or Latin or Greek?
  • Kids Programming Language

    Hey Zeo,

    On your .NET question: KPL v 1.1 is based on, requires and will automagically download and install the .NET Framework 1.1 it it's not already installed.  That's the version of KPL which is freely downloadable of the KPL site now.

    KPL v 2, which is in a semi-open beta now, is based on the .NET Framework 2.0.

    The two versions of KPL, like the two versions of .NET Framework itself, will happily live side by side - that's how we and all our KPL v 2 beta testers are using both.

    Most of the demos in the video show KPL v 1.1, and programs that come with it when you download it.  Later demos in the video, including the 3D demo, show a very early build of KPL v 2.