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  • Countdown to PDC10: There’s one pass left! Is your name on it?

    Totally unfair that my employer will pay to send me to Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference, but won't send me to PDC. C'mon, PDC is way more intensive and open. Besides it's much more relevant to the clients we have as 80% of them are on the .NET stack. Please pick me so I can learn the skills that will allow me to do my job better and evangelize the Microsoft stack to a level that even surpasses my own Kool-Aid drinking. Thank you.

  • Robert Brown -- New Speech API beta revealed

    Did he say that you can flash your Audiovox SMT 5600 to the new Windows Mobile 5? Is this something that only Microsoft employees will be able to do, or will Cingular support the same thing?

  • Brett Bentsen - A look at the Portable Media Center

    The one made by Samsung and the iRiver version both have a built in kickstand to hold it up while watching. The Creative one comes with a protective case that can be opened and will hold the unit up while playing. If you don't use the protective case you have to hold it the whole time.

  • Brett Bentsen - A look at the Portable Media Center

    2 Questions:
    1) When will the sync cradle be available?
    2) Could you guys adjust the video downloads from here such that I don't have to re-encode them to go on my PMC?


  • Neil Enns - Why would anyone want a cell phone with a camera on it?

    If you make Smart Phones with cameras built in, please make an equal product that is identical except remove the camera. I'm starting to get tired of leaving my cell phone in my car when I go to the gym or to a concert, the other night I even had to convince the guy at the movie theater that the camera didn't work in my phone. A mobile phone should be convenient; to me it's becoming a hassle having a camera built into my phone.

    It seems like such a downgrade to get a phone without a camera these days.