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  • Steve Winfield - Building Systems

       Hey Us BOBs dont get enough respect.

    As one that works in a small retail shop, Yes its very hard to beat the big guys at the price point. Its even harder when the customer only cares about the price point, and is willing to drive 2 hours just to save $10 on one item. Iv been thinking of making a "How to build a PC and Install Windows" Website on my own so I can point people to it when they have questions on how to do things.

       I see too many people fry motherboards and CPUs "NIce magic smoke", who say they know what they are doing, then blame me for selling faulty parts. Sad

       I wana work there. Wink

    How about a vid at the HCL labs, I have always wanted to get a idea of what kind of testing goes on there.

    Oh the OPK is a great tool.
  • Steve Ballmer - Quick chat with Microsoft's CEO

    He is the definition of MR. Energy! and then some
  • Kim Cameron - Identity Laws

    Great video,Smiley
    Everyone agrees that this needs to be addressed but nobody wants to agree to any single soultion. And who do you want to trust your ID with. ( Or a device, IE: smartcard or Cell Phone ) And how can a person keep control over thier ID.

    Im just staying with just a basic cell phone, for the reasons of security and privacy, No bluetooth for me, it isnt secure enough. And I dont want my cell phone to be hacked into.