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  • The Access Show: Access 2010 demo of Access Services and web databases

    After creating the last 6 years, many applications with Ms Access, I would like to say that after the 2003 version, Microsoft has dicided for sure to change the "positioning" of the Product, aiming customers that have no idea of programming with VBA. Now it is considered to be somehow "A database for dummies".


    As a VBA developer I am very very very dissapointed with that. As a developer I need:


    - Better security. Perhaps table based security, being able to lock specific tables

    - At least 100 GB size limit

    - Better development environment for VBA

    - To keep the functionality to select between classic view or the new ribbon style

    - Better connectivity, without the need of SharePoint

    - Better performance. We all know that Access 2003 is FAR FAR FAR FAR faster than Access 2007.


    Am I asking too much?

    All these are easy for Microsoft to impelent. But as I said before, Ms Access is aiming to Low Profile Users ... Perhaps they don't need us anymore ...


    For sure I will try the new version, just to find out if at least one of the above will be corrected ...