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  • Parallels: Using Visual Studio on OSX

    @The Sombrero Kid: Did you try installing Mac OS X on a VM and do iOS coding? I did, and sadly it doesn't work that great (especially the iPhone emulator) ... It works better the other way (Mac OSX running Windows in a VM).

    It's not a Mac vs Windows kind of point of view. I'm jus sharing my own experience here Smiley

  • Parallels: Using Visual Studio on OSX

    @Charles: thank you for this video. As Bob Tabor mentioned, it's quite surprising. A happy surprise, though.

    But, just curious, is there any reason why you presented Parallels specifically? Not sure about the voice dictation feature, but for all the rest, VMWare Fusion 5 has all the features you presented and it is half the price of Parallels... For what I know, Parallels is better than Fusion for all that's related to gaming and graphic card management, which is (most of the time) not a big deal when it comes to using a VM for development purposes.

  • Parallels: Using Visual Studio on OSX

    @Manesh Lad: for the Windows Phone emulator, if you have Parallels or VMWare Fusion, it just work. No tweaking required Smiley I tested both the Windows Phone 7.5 emulator on Windows 7 and Windows Phone 8 emulator on Windows 8, and they just work. Although the WP7.5 emulator is a bit slow. However, the WP8 emulator works great!