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    If I wrote any kind of emulator for a computer or otherwise would this technique work with it if I wrote it to spec in Windows Vista?
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    Bobinho wrote:

    Which leads me to Vista. I don’t like the Vista interface. I find it bland and uninspiring. I mean it's fresh and clean but really, it’s a case of “Meet the new UI, same as the old UI” (apologies to Pete Townsend). It looks and I’m not the first to say this, something like a sanitary towel ad.  It looks, ahem, girly. I am deeply disapointed that this is the final UI. What happened to the revolutionary UI designs of 2003? Where is my damn carousel interface? Where has all the cool directorware gone? 

    But here is the kicker;  both apps are really, really ugly. This is unforgivable in an application made for designers. Please tell me the UI will be completely re-written for Vista.

    OK I’m done. I’m off to play with my Mac.

    First of all the GUI is basically the exact same that they showed in 2003.  Very small changes have been made.   So I have no idea on what you are saying here.

    Secondly, Microsoft is putting out a redesigned 3D GUI and shell from scratch in Windows Vienna.

    With Vienna they are throwing out the Vista interface and starting from scratch using their Microsoft Research and Development work and designing it for the next small release of windows which will probably come out 18 months later after Vista comes out.

    The Mac interface is okay, but I think the Mac has been overrated when it comes to GUI, there are things they have done right and things that they have done wrong from a design perspective but to some people this doesn't matter.  At the end of the day the Mac is just like anything else it has huge flaws and problems and people get used to working around them.