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  • Countdown to PDC09: The Client Track Unplugged

    @Kurt, thanks!

    @Adam, it took me like a dozend tries before the tag reader app on my iPhone accepted the picture. I think up side down finally worked.

  • Countdown to PDC09: The Client Track Unplugged

    Thanks adam for the link, I installed the app on my phone and the tag led me to:


    Steganographia (Secret Writing), by Johannes Trithemius, 1500.

  • Countdown to PDC09: The Client Track Unplugged

    Insignificant referes to the lowest 2 bits of every pixel.


    If you extract them into a new image:


    Bitmap image = new Bitmap(@"c:\Users\Markus\Downloads\PDC09 Hard Hat Challenge 2.png");
    Color pixel;
    for (int y = 0; y < image.Height; y++) 
      for (int x = 0; x < image.Width; x++) 
        pixel = image.GetPixel(x, y); 
        image.SetPixel(x, y, Color.FromArgb((pixel.R & 3) * 0x3f, (pixel.G & 3) * 0x3f, (pixel.B & 3) * 0x3f));


    Then you get this:


    Generic Comment Image


    Unfortunately I have no clue what book that is....Sad

  • TweetCraft - A World of Warcraft Twitter Client

    Nice work. But unfortunately it's easier to just alt tab to an in the background running browser than to reload the UI. Reloading the UI just takes too long.

    I know there is no other way to exchange data than to force a UI reload. Sad

  • Adam Nathan: and Suzanne Hansen: First Look at Popfly Game Creator Alpha

    Bas wrote:
    I doubt it. If you play the game outside the editor, performance is fine. It's probably the diagnostics stuff and the editor UI slowing things down.

    I have an older athlon XP3200 cpu. I played your breakout clone and every collision stops the game for like a quarter of a second and the game stutters throughout. For such a simple game that's a pretty horrible performance. So hopefully it's because of the java script performance of 1.1.
    I think the concept is great. But I would rather have a tool that targets XNA.