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  • Isolated User Mode in Windows 10 with Dave Probert

    Fantastic information. Looking forward to the rest!

  • Part 13: Working with the GridView

    Quick Tip, the new Xaml designer supports context sensitive help and works surprisingly well.  So for example instead of searching for the Stretch property documentation for the Image component with Bing you can simply put the cursor on "Stretch" and press F1.  This will take you to the correct online documentation for the Image component's Stretch property.

    Thanks Bob for these incredibly useful videos!

  • Deep Dive MVVM

    Thank you Laurent!  Fantastic stuff!

    Channel9 team:
    The MP4 encoding is not compatible with iOS devices. (Tried iPhone, iPad, iPod) Error: "Some of the videos in your iTunes library, including the video ... were not copied to the ... because they cannot be played on this ..."