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  • Jim Allchin - The Longhorn Update

    BOFH wrote:
    stuff... DCE, DWM, Avalon, etc.

    Actually, there was a small discussion about that on Joe Bedas blog sometime ago.

    The gist: DCE doesn't exist anymore, it's been merged with the application layer compositor and is called UCE (universal composition engine). The DWM will thus use the same compositor as the Avalon application. And furthermore, the UCE _is_ part of Avalon. So Aero (Glass) requires Avalon in one way or another.

    BUT... the UCE can run in software mode. So it'll be likely that the WindowsXP build of Avalon will run in software mode inside the application, and some lower layer XP specific code will use GDI and User32 for display and input, instead of an desktop UCE on top of LDDM/D3D and whatever will do the input on Longhorn.

    Now regarding WinFS, currently it is built on top of NTFS, but since it currently also supports static folder structures defined inside the store, filesystem semantics are supplied. Thus I see no reason why you wouldn't be able to merge WinFS and NTFS for a post-Longhorn operating system (WinFS V2). Just drop an additional bitmap into the data file (next to the free page bitmap) that tells the filesystem driver which pages are used for data structures and which for filestreams. I'd rather want to see an unified filesystem than some piggyback thingymajic on longterm.
  • Jim Allchin - The Longhorn Update

    eagle wrote:
    after all Avalon and Indigo don't exist yet.

    Depending on how you see it. Exist? Yes? Out in the public? No. I've been writing two custom controls with Avalon already.
  • Scott Currie - Multiple language programming demo

    Too bad only link.exe can link modules. I'd like AL to be able to do so too, so I can use that from my custom MSBuild files.
  • Joe Marini - Why I love XAML

    It would be hard to make a standard, since XAML is more of a way to map the Avalon API into XML, not a strongly defined markup.

    But since we're again at Avalon and XAML, I'm wondering, did the stance about MDI in Avalon change by now? The last thing I knew was that it wasn't planned for 1.0, so developers would have to write their own MDI handler (wouldn't probably be too hard fiddling with panels, but it's all about getting system window borders and what not).
  • Zoe Goldring and Gretchen Ledgard - What is it like to interview at Microsoft?

    You just put yourself on the blacklist for a HR job at Microsoft. Grats!
  • Dan Appleman - Where are teenagers feeling computing pain?

    I'm playing the surprise card.

    System patched up to date (Win2k3 Web Edition)
    No firewall.
    No background virus scanner (only an occasional scan)

    No problems here. And the machine runs 24/7 hooked up to the Internet. Though it's more like an experiment than ignorance.
  • Jamie Cool - Demo of ClickOnce

    I can tell you from experience that home users will likely hit OK and ignore any warnings if the application title is pleasing enough, for instance above mentioned exampole "Paris Hilton pictures".

    Another question anyway:

    Will ClickOnce show warnings if the publisher changed during an update? Because it wouldn't be exactly the bomb when some hacker uploads a different package and ClickOnce assumes it automatically safe because the update comes from the same place as the initial install and all previous updates.
  • Jason Flaks - Demo of Windows Media Connect

    I hope this WMC isn't just UPnP AV renamed or "proprietarized".
  • Sara Williams - What makes for a good bug report?

    The problem with listing repro steps is that internally they're using newer builds than us beta testers. And I've seen it a couple of times in the Office 2003 beta that my repro steps didn't work for the developers, because changes in the newer builds changed the way slightly to reproduce it, so I had a bunch of bugs that had to be reopened after a beta refresh.

    So depending on what's reported, I'd expect the developers to take at least a quick look at the responsible code section, hoping for some "Doh" moment.