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Tom Servo Tom Servo W-hat?
  • Microsoft outside the US

    dentaku said:
    AndyC said:

    Even in Canada it takes a very long time for stuff to leave the US and make it into our market. You rarely hear about other MS divisions in other countries other than MSR in England once in a while.


    It IS encouraging that WP7 will be released in Europe even before the US.


    BING maps is still ridiculously low on any useful imagery of Nova Scotia though. We have google street view images of our tiny village but there's nothing but low resolutions blobs on Bing maps.

    It IS encouraging that WP7 will be released in Europe even before the US.

    Not really. If the related web services aren't up to par. Take the Bing search for instance. When demoing, they get a hard-on showing off the local search results, that are mapped. I'm willing to bet that this part won't work. And other cloud functionality, which I can't think of yet.

  • The "I've got a WP7 developer device" thread

    Tomservo said:

    Well, I've filed a request for a device, since I'm working on GPS stuff. Right now, the project spawned a GPS tracker and compass, plus a class library for page transition injection.


    Hope my request works out.


    And I wish I could remember, which e-mail address I've registered my original account onto. Expressionless

    Here we go...

  • AOL adopting XMPP aka Jabber

    Dodo wrote:
    There's MSN and AIM API out there, you could use to code your own messenger (none of the thirdparty messengers really use it... to restrictive... ignoring their ToS).

    How does that get me rid of the PROTOCOL?

    Erisan wrote:
    But what if you are using for example OpenSolaris ?

    Which I am, anyway.

  • AOL adopting XMPP aka Jabber

    I've read somewhere else that MSN is looking for a way to let Messenger users talk to people on GTalk, ICQ and AIM. Since GTalk is Jabber and the other two will also be, I sure hope that MSN will be reachable via Jabber at some point, so I can ditch the MSN protocol for good.

  • xp sp2 vs vista sp1...

    Not sure what I should make of that 3DMark difference. I'm about to throw Longhorn Server beta 1 off my disk and missed to download my free copy of Vista from Connect, so I'm contemplating putting Win2K3 back.

    The benchmark shows a rather big difference, which must be a mistake.

  • Why doesn't Microsoft buy SCO?

    Shining Arcanine wrote:
    I have tried Ubuntu before and it did not play nicely with Microsoft Virtual PC. Is it possible to do a dual-boot between Ubuntu and Windows XP? Also, I thought Ubuntu was Linux based and not Unix based. Can a Unix clone really as good as the real thing?

    If you want the real thing, go with Solaris. It's SVR4 and XPG4/6, and certified UNIX(tm). It also ships Gnome next to CDE. At least in the Solaris Nevada development builds, which are pretty stable, I might add.

    Shining Arcanine wrote:
    SunOS sparky 5.9 Generic_122300-12 sun4u sparc SUNW,Sun-Fire-V440

    That's Solaris 9 for SPARC processors.

    So yeah, if you want to continue with what you're used to, go with Solaris x86. Preferably, you should go with Solaris Nevada, which are the development version and technology testbed for what'll become Solaris 11. Don't be mistaken by "development version", even the bleeding edge Community Edition is pretty stable, but going with the Development Edition gets you the extra assurance.

    If you want Gnome 2.20, you need to go with Solaris Express CE snv_75 or wait for Solaris Express DE snv_80. All builds before snv_75 ship with the previous release.

    Another idea would be to wait for Project Indiana March release. But that project focuses on giving the Linux people a nice and easy entry in the Solaris world, as such it's bash, GNU userland and things like that. Though these things will be user controlled from within the installer, so you can switch to between GNU, SVR4, POSIX and whatever that other was at install time.

  • Giving up on Vista

    Sven Groot wrote:
    littleguru said:
    why is the registry no relational database after all

    Because it doesn't need 99% of the features of a relational database?
    SQLite is pretty popular on the other side. And lightweight to boot.

  • Giving up on Vista

    Sven Groot wrote:
    Explain to me how it knows something went wrong? The only thing I can think of is a CRC for the registry, which would need recomputing every time the registry is changed. That'll be nice for performance.

    The registry is a tree like structure. Make use of that fact. ZFS doesn't crap all over itself during metadata updates, either, which is checksummed to no end and usually involved updating all checksums from the modified filesystem block, going up the metadata tree up to the uberblock.

  • Giving up on Vista

    evildictaitor wrote:
    Are you sure the registry isn't type-safe? That would surprise me.

    Offering string, DWORD and blobs without any sort of format checking isn't exactly typesafe. Obviously DWORDs and blobs are rather hard to check for validity without injecting tons of third-party code into the registry code. But most things are stored as strings. Creating the registry subtree, attaching regexes or whatever else mechanism to each string key and validating everything on application install time would allow the application to catch itself going nutso.

  • Giving up on Vista

    AndyC wrote:
    How do you checksum a DWORD?

    Because there aren't any 8- or 16bit checksum algorithms, right?