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Tom Servo Tom Servo W-hat?
  • Vista - (updated)

    One year later, Windows has successfully driven me away from it...

  • the history of LOLcats!

    As usual, once some jokes get out of their original birthplaces, they'll be run into ground by the general Internet over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over...

  • Anybody played the Crysis Demo?

    The part of the demo, where you have to disable that jammer. Try the stealth approach on that by picking off each enemy one after another while cloaked. It's fscking hilarious. You stay cloaked when grabbing and throwing people, which helps.

  • Hand Over Your Keys Or Else.

    TrueCrypt hidden volume, plausible deniability.

    The End.

  • Where will Scoble go next?

    LaBomba wrote:
    Who still reads Scoble?

    He's a bit of a tool now.

    In the past, I've only subscribed to his blog because he worked at Microsoft and let out some interesting tidbits here and there. Now that it's over, the blog went back to the usual blogosphere/Web 2.0 circlejerking.

  • Where will Scoble go next?

    Fake Steve should fake a leak of a company-wide email from the Podtech CEO regarding company closure pending next month and post it on his blog. As "proof". I'm sure a lot of people would fall for it.

  • Where will Scoble go next?

    I wonder where Scoble will end up working once the world figures out that video podcasts are overrated. Well, the few people who watch them.

    Via Ars Technica, I've found out about WebbAlert with, guess who, Morgan Webb. "News from the blogosphere", being overdramatically read by her from a teleprompter or something. Which is also a retarded concept, but probably only works because male geeks want to oogle at a rarity, that being a good looking female geek.

    But hey, frankly, I don't even want to understand it. Because the day I figure out the point of Twitter, my brain will probably explode because of the answer.

  • Where will Scoble go next?

    What a surprise, a Web 2.0 company with an idiotic concept going down (restructuring el oh el).

  • Ho-hum

    Rossj wrote:

    Thing is, for data entry apps you want everything easy to get to, hiding stuff away under expanders isn't helpful if you spend all day with the keyboard.

    Key combinations are unheard of. Have the application set up different accelerators to flap up the various expanders and jump to the first entry field in it. Have the next expander flap up when you're tabbing out of the last field in the current one, offering also a combo like CTRL-TAB to close the current one and jump into the next one.

    That will not make things worse. Actually, from my experience at various offices and agencies, people are tabbing a whole damn lot across empty fields, so the ability to ignore and jump across groups will probably speed things up.

  • Oh shiny new version of Diskeeper.

    No filesystem is fragmentation-less. At all. What I was hinting at with intelligence was decent IO scheduling, caching algorithms and prefetching.

    Then again, it also gets annoying, when ZFS figures it needs to prefetch the movie I'm watching in 128MB chunks. It makes it glitch that moment.