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  • Working with Depth Data (Beta 2 SDK)

    The above video guide included the method for nui_DepthFrameReady, but the text guide did not. It should read as follows:

    void nui_DepthFrameReady(object sender, ImageFrameReadyEventArgs e)

         // Convert depth information for a pixel into color information
         byte[] ColoredBytes = GenerateColoredBytes(e.ImageFrame);
         // create an image based on the colored bytes
         PlanarImage image = e.ImageFrame.Image;
         image1.Source = BitmapSource.Create(
              image.Width, image.Height, 96, 96, PixelFormats.Bgr32,     
              null, ColoredBytes, image.Width * PixelFormats.Bgr32.BitsPerPixel / 8);

    Sorry for the strange formatting. Channel9 does not support multiline code postings in the comments.


  • Setting Up Your Development Environment (Beta 2 SDK)

    Just a note for a correction:

    using Coding4Fun.Kinect.WPF;

    Where it says WPF, actually Wpf should not be capitalized, it's really:

    using Coding4Fun.Kinect.Wpf;

    And don't forget to add the reference to the Coding4Fun .dll, which can be done (after downloading the .dll from codeplex) in the Solution Explorer by right clicking References>Add Reference>Browse.

  • Updated! Windows Phone 7 Jump Start (Session 1 of 19): Introduction

    @Bill Yeager: For copies of the student files and links to demo code, you can go to the Windows Phone 7 Born To Learn Forum (

    There are some pdfs there that explain the materials needed for the lessons in groups of three.