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TomasDeml TomasDeml Run Chiro, Run!
  • Dialogs for ASP.NET

    will wrote:

    Hi TomasDeml, for a modal dialog, check out this user contribution on Code Project:


    If you want a pure JavaScript implementation, check out subModal.

    My implementation does not use AJAX nor DHTML but pure HTML and some JavaScript...cause I needed a simple solution using ordinary modal windows allowing me to pass data between dialog itself and its consumer... Wink

    ...just note the *modal* type of dialogs does *not* work outside IE...I know about this flaw Smiley

  • Dialogs for ASP.NET

    jsampsonPC wrote:
    ...enjoy what?

    Actually, I have uploaded the file, but there is no Save link Sad

    Any ideas?

    PS: Backup link

  • Dialogs for ASP.NET

    I've had a need for modal (and non-modal) dialogs in ASP.NET and this is the result.


  • Linux under Virtual PC

    TommyCarlier wrote:
    I'm running the latest version of Ubuntu, and it works great. 2 things you need to be aware of: Virtual PC doesn't support 24-bit colors (use 16-bit); and by default network access is off: you have to enable it (can be done easily in the GUI).

    Hm, I tried installing Ubuntu recently but I cannot get over the "Uncompressing kernel" stage...the setup just hang with some cryptic "invalid checksum" error...even Google didn't help Sad

  • Type.​IsDefined required permissions

    Wonderful explanation!

    Another nice post

  • Type.​IsDefined required permissions

    It's also really weird Type.IsDefined does not throw an exception and still doesn't work even when I'm able to execute code from that partially trusted assembly...

  • Type.​IsDefined required permissions

    I came accross this earlier but I didn't think it was exactly my case, but (unfortunately) applying APTCA solved my situation. I'm not so happy I have to use this attribute, but there is probably no other way...Sad

  • Type.​IsDefined required permissions


    I've created a sandboxed AppDomain with limited permissions and granted the full trust to my assembly. However, I'm not able to get a custom attribute applied on a type from another assembly (not fully trusted). The attribute type resides in my trusted assembly. I've done many assertions but I'm unable to determine what permissions Type.IsDefine method requires. The call does not return false only when the domain gets unlimited permissions. Even unlimited security & reflection permissions do not help.

    Can you help me? Thanks a lot.

  • Tail. calls & Visual Studio lies

    I've been using tail. calls in my recent IL project and today I came across this post. If you go through it, you can see the performance differencies between call vs. tail. call instructions and the proof that the tail calls are barely optimized by .NET JITer. What a shame! Not only that the tail. calls are slow under .NET, but VS disassembly view lies you about the actual jitted code! Hope they'll improve the performance in .NET v4.0 (still dislike that v3.0 mess Expressionless)

    One may wonder what other things VS lies about...

  • Analysis Tools -- unused ​objects/met​hods

    Dr Herbie wrote:
    Hi folks,
        I'm looking for a free analysis tool that will inspect a VS2005 solution and report a list of all objects and/or methods that are uncalled from within any project in the solution.

    There is a reflector add-in that will show call-graphs of a single object, but I have a very large project I want to analyse as a whole.

    Anyone know of any? I don't have the time to write one


    What about FxCop?