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  • Defrag Tools: #8 - Mark Russinovich

    As a software developer, I use PerfMon and ProcessExplorer a lot. Especially useful when trying to figure out when something doesn't work.

    Recently my team and I were trying to solve an issue with IIS AppPool because of high CPU usage. First think I thought of "Is there a tool which can take memory dump when these conditions occurs?". Then I checked Sysinternals and the tool was there, waiting for me. I somehow knew it will be there. Plus little bit of WinDbg, but that is different story Big Smile


    Thanks Mark for these great tools! They're making life a lot easier.

  • The Roslyn Project - Meet the Design Team

    Will Immediate window be replaced with Interactive? I miss LINQ query expressions evaluation. I know it is listed on Connect, but are there any plans for V11?