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TomboRombo TomboRombo
  • Microsoft buying Nokia ?

    This will eventually lead to Skype running the show on windows phone.   You will be able to buy a phone that operates only on wifi and have no monthly phone company charge.     No more 50 bucks a month wasted for so many people that have wifi  available to them.   How many people only text anyway.     I know this wont work for everyone but it will be a start.   Also,  this is googles plan also,  get rid of the att's, verizons, rogers etc.

  • Got surface questions? Reddit AMA with Surface GM right now

    No NFC and no GPS?  Thats strange since the Intel/Samsung Tablet I received from Build last year has both.   That tablet has been pretty good even though I still like my laptop for doing work.  But the whole family can use it (pass it around ) and we all have our own logins.   I really want the GPS for travelling.

  • Beginning of the end for web browsers

    @vesuvius:   You are right on in seeing the future here.  This is the next leap to leave the browsers in the history heap.    LOB's will still keep going. 

  • Anders Hejlsberg @ Oct 3 GOTO Aarhus: Mysterious Announcement ?

    @Richard.Hein: Well at last years Build he was not too kind on what his opinion was of Javascript and he even held back a few words.    So yeah,  now if he is working on Javascript improvements he is going against what he really thinks about it.   Corporate Sellout.   Thats not a bad thing since we all have bills to pay.   I just hope like felix9 is indicating that he can get back on real improvements to development. 

    Also,  I dont think the languages thing was really more than a marketing ploy.   Microsoft needed to compete with Java and C# would have sufficed but they heard a loud cry from the VB guys.  C# was not a stretch for C/C++ or Java guys but was a big leap for VB and that is how Microsoft pleased everyone.  Javascript, on the other hand, was invented to get some functionality in browsers which started out as text viewers.  I still would have preferred the silverlight route and they could have won if they beat out apple and google on the phone platform.

  • Anders Hejlsberg @ Oct 3 GOTO Aarhus: Mysterious Announcement ?

    Thats dissappointing that a guy with his accomplishments would have to lower himself to Javascript improvements.   I thought more highly of him than that.   I guess he is pulling the corporate tow line so he can collect a paycheck but I just did not think he was a sellout.    I guess I am wrong.

  • Anders Hejlsberg @ Oct 3 GOTO Aarhus: Mysterious Announcement ?

    "However, Hejlsberg added; "Java used to be cross-platform but is no longer cross-platform; the new cross-platform language in town is JavaScript."

    Depends what you mean by platform.   Lots of platforms in this world. 

  • Broken ARM for Windows 8?

    I think Intel put some heavy hands on Microsoft to keep Intel exclusive on the desktop.   I am ok with this story but now I want a WinRT for the desktop which dumps .NET libraries and goes right to the core.

  • My First Computer

    @ScottWelker:I had to drag that Compaq all over the country.  Its also a heavy carry on.  At least it was pre -9/11 so security was alot easier.   I was happy when the toshiba laptops came out. 

  • Software I have written

    Microsoft will back track and come out with a new strategy once this one fails.  It has happened before but it just is painful waiting it out.  People will have to be fired,  new people come in etc.  There will be some remnants left over that they will reuse in a new strategy.  Right now, I would just stick with Windows 7 since it will probably exist for quite awhile.   Some of the good stuff in Windows 8 will roll into Windows 7 as a service pack.  I dont have a big problem with Metro for a new device such as a touch pad but not for laptops/pcs .

  • Is it true or another one of those rumors?

    Must have been the typed versus non-typed comment at Build.