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  • MIX 2008: What the hell is this MIX thing, anyway?

    I agree Minh, I think things have gotten much more complicated. Just ask someone around here which data libraries that they should use and you will fall under the avalanche of three-letter acronyms and then some.

    The getting started series mentioned in the thread is a good start, but I think we also need to think about simplifying how we talk about things. We tend to dive deep before we even understand the "why" sometimes. I don't think it is a matter of dumbing down anything as some might think, but just explaining things better (e.g. Why should I use x? What is my investment to learn x?).

    There is some work my team is starting on how to simplify things, so if anyone else has feedback on how we can do it or point to good examples (even non-Microsoft), it would be great to hear from you.

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