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  • Cleartype Team - Talking about new Fonts on Longhorn (Happy Birthday Video #4)

    There's more info about the Longhorn fonts at

    However, the author gives only passing info about Consolas, the mono-spaced font.

  • Chris Sells -- Tour of MSDN

    PeteBeech wrote:

    I just checked out the SDE job posting, and one of the requirements is:
    "Familiarity with Microsoft tools and processes: CoreXt, Source Depot, Product Studio"

    These sound like internal tools at Microsoft (I can't find any references on the web), so would a job posting like this basically be open only to existing or ex Microsoft employees? Is there any point in applying for someone outside of Microsoft who wouldn't have had any chance to get this experience? (assuming they are internal tools)

    Those are internal tools, and normally there's a bit more explanation. Instead of talking about those specfic tools, the description should probably have said something like:

    Familiarity with tools used for large-team software development, including build systems, source control systems, and bug tracking systems. Experience with Microsoft tools and processes (such as CoreXt, Source Depot, and Product Studio) a plus.
  • Chris Sells -- Tour of MSDN

    RandyRants wrote:

    w00t!  Got any open offices over there that need filling? Big Smile

    We've got a few job openings right now, but we're short on office space. So I guess the answer to your question is technically "no." But if you're interested in a job with MSDN (even if you do have to share an office) check out the Microsoft Careers site for MSDN openings.