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Niner since 2005

Old application/wb designer/developer, as far as from 1966 (the former) and 1973 (the later). Been born on August 16 of 1945, I am in my third age stage nowadays. Mostly self-learning and without any acknowledged degree. Trying to keep myself up to date in this fast evolving developers world... I am happy of been able to share this wonderful cutting-edge era of the XXI century... And to have the opportunity of witnessing how it is also the era of an emerging world-wave of synergy from knowledge, information and technology, wich are been coherently integrated with the purpose to serve the humankind... On July 12 of 2011, I have started my first writting as an Independent Multidisciplinary Researcher (self credited as such), which is by now under design and development with the support of ProImagen XXI ElectronicPress... The title of that work of mine, for long time treasured in my hearth and serendipitously grasped when stumbled upon the masterpiece of John Locke, Gent: "An Essay Concerning Human Understanding", certainly is a borrowed paraphrase of the later, and the notions of IDEA and WORD insightfully carried throughout the whole book (not read in full yet), applied to the Artificial Inteligence Actual Paradigm... An such a title for my WANABE first professional paper is: "An Essay Concerning Artificial Learnig"... Any help shall be appreciated in its gracefull generosity, even if it is a sand grain the size of a SINGLE SUPERSTRING.