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Old application/wb designer/developer, as far as from 1966 (the former) and 1973 (the later). Been born on August 16 of 1945, I am in my third age stage nowadays. Mostly self-learning and without any acknowledged degree. Trying to keep myself up to date in this fast evolving developers world... I am happy of been able to share this wonderful cutting-edge era of the XXI century... And to have the opportunity of witnessing how it is also the era of an emerging world-wave of synergy from knowledge, information and technology, wich are been coherently integrated with the purpose to serve the humankind... On July 12 of 2011, I have started my first writting as an Independent Multidisciplinary Researcher (self credited as such), which is by now under design and development with the support of ProImagen XXI ElectronicPress... The title of that work of mine, for long time treasured in my hearth and serendipitously grasped when stumbled upon the masterpiece of John Locke, Gent: "An Essay Concerning Human Understanding", certainly is a borrowed paraphrase of the later, and the notions of IDEA and WORD insightfully carried throughout the whole book (not read in full yet), applied to the Artificial Inteligence Actual Paradigm... An such a title for my WANABE first professional paper is: "An Essay Concerning Artificial Learnig"... Any help shall be appreciated in its gracefull generosity, even if it is a sand grain the size of a SINGLE SUPERSTRING.


  • February 2011 Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit Released (and a tasty NuGet it is)

    Great post Greg... I shall keep in touch with this thread... Tank you niner!


  • Singularity Revisited

    David Tarditi wrote:
    I'm the person on the far right, wearing the dark long-sleeve shirt.  Manuel is sitting to the left, then Galen, then Jim.

    Thank you a lot for such a rapid reply to a very superficial and personal question, derived only from my inability to hear English... Every time I've started the video, I've lost your names at the very presentation of your selves.

    David Tarditi wrote:
    [...] You might want to use a real-time collector for streaming video and a GC with higher throughput for a compute-intensive application. [...]

    From the above quoted fragment, I understand that there is a mechanism at the implementation side as for tunning the timer of a GC... If it is true, it is there one of the discrete kind (i.e.: a fixed set of types amongst whose the implementor of the process targeted to run inside a SIP may choose), and/or it is there one of the opposite (i.e.: a value between a given range, which could be passed, or settled before calling, to the appropriate GC's method for timing)... Furthermore, I wonder if it is there, in addiition to one or both of the aforementioned types of mechanisms, one of an automatic type; as I think the GC timer could be tied to a relevant SIP runtime feature, which shall adjust cybernetically the former (i.e.: dynamically, as in a file's downloaded amount counter, by using as the GC's cybernetic feedback feature, the frecuency of the memory chunks left unused by the process at the SIP, been collected by the GC itself).

    Makes this any sense?

  • Singularity Revisited

    Thank you David... I got blushy when read your name and suddenly became aware that you are one of the Singularity Project researchers... I've enjoyed this interview and the papers I have studied untill now.

    Care tell me who of the four researchers in the video are you?... Perhaps you want spot me your shirt's color... That will suffice.

  • Singularity Revisited

    piersh wrote:
    very interesting stuff.

    i have a question, though: what was the reason for choosing to have a separate GC for each SIP? it would seem to me that in a fully trusted environment like this you could have a single GC for the whole system, integrated with the page manager, would eliminate the need for the exchange heap. memory in one SIP would automatically be 'available' to another process, the consistency of the channel being checked by the verifiable 'handing-off' mechanism you described.

    Please, don't take me as any kind of literated guy about this matter... But as far as I've understood from the documents available at the Singularity Project site, Each SIP has its own GC because the goal of making Singularity an highly reliable OS... That is, and again, as far as I understood: When a process is runing in a SIP (aka Software Isolated Process), it is totally isolated in its own space and time frames; by design definition, it can't share its space or even its timming amongst the kernel or other SIPs... So if it becomes unstable or corrupted in any manner, or there is the need to shoot down it because any kind of malfunctioning, there will not be left more unrecovered memory than the still not released by the affected process, and that, only for the time the kernel gets aware of and empties the SIP... OS corruption and unstability arises mainly beacuse the resonance of a chain effect of non-released memory.

    I hope this may help.


    EDIT: Resonance of a chain effect of non-released memory is only posible in an OS running with a single GC... I wonder after observing the way Windows XP SP2 (under 256 KB RAM) behaves in serendipitous scenarios prone for unstability, as many of those I am quite used to set up in my daily work on design, programming and research (keeping several heavy applications opened up to the end of the day and not few times thru a three or four days span, without any problems); if such version wasn't a worthwile feed for the design requirements of the Singularity Project, as for to the point I've reached on the Spec# specification papers, there are many underlaying paradigms whose are, conceptually, very similar.
  • Singularity Revisited

    Cornelius Ellsonpeter wrote:
    [...] I can't think of any reason why you would be banned.  Has anybody been truly banned from this site anyway?

    I've never been offended by your posts.  Although I have thought about taking out a window or two with a piece of flying furniture.

    I haven't looked at this thread from yesterday, so I thank you quite later because the kindiness of you response... Really, I have gone scared when you have said: "peace out"... Nice to meet you time to time at least.

    As for those windows... Please, throw to me only one... That capable of enabling me to stand stared behind... Looking the road ahead, far away over the horizon... Anyhow, if it is an stone caming from your hand, be sure I will happily recive it in the middle of my chest over my heart.

    Tonatiúh Smiley
  • Singularity Revisited

    Charles wrote:
    You're welcome, Tonatiúh [... ... ...]

    Wow!!!... Niners like sharing my rants and disappointments with them... From some days a go up to now, I was feeling quite guilty because the way I have engaged in some discussions... Indeed I was pity about my self, looking how my awareness have spoted in front of my eyes the faulty manner I have behaved in my last posts... Furtermore, I have thought that the last "Suspension idea from Minh have been implemented and applied to me"... So I comforted my heart telling to my self: "Well, at least you have not been banned; so you may get a lot of profit reading every one's posts and following those whorthwile links many Niners are so kind to share here"... I know for sure, I shouldn't endure to lost those.

    Thank you Charles
    Thank you Singularity Team
    Thank you Eagle

    Thank you Niners... I beg pardon if any body have been offended by me, specially tou you: Leighsword, mot256 and Cornelius Ellsonpeter

  • Singularity Revisited

    What a wonderful welcome!... Thank you Charles and Singularity Project Team... I have to left my home about 3:00 a.m. (GMT-6) to meet my love for dinner and I just have arrived full of happiness... And what I see when I loged in to Channel 9...

    Thank you again.

  • Mark Boulter and Brian Pepin - Sneak peak at Cider (visual designer for Orcas, future version of Vis

    rasx wrote:
    Here's some Bauhaus lyrics for programmers late at night:

    All we ever wanted
    was everything

    All we ever got
    was cold

    Get up
    Eat Jelly

    Sandwich bars and barbed wire

    Squash every week
    into a day

    ...oh to be the cream!

    Woooooooooow!... Nice to meet another bard developer Rasx...

  • Singularity: A research OS written in C#

    Beer28 wrote:
    I'm guessing it's linked to undisclosed low level C or ASM libraries since it's not libc. You can't write low level code with C#, it's impossible because it won't let you break free into the instruction set you need to reach the bios and or service interupts, such as faults, device interupts, or system interupts of any kind.

    Beer I have read several of your comments while studying this thread in order to enhance my background about the Singularity Proyect of Microsoft Research on Operating Systems... While reading your post I held my self thinking on what I have learned from one recent paper from MSR Titled "An Overview of the Singularity Proyect" (MSR-TR-2005-135), dated on October 27, 2005, that is near five months after that post of you (May 13, 2005 ) from which I have quoted above a single paragraph.

    That paragraph have finally broken my self-restrainment to reply you and wait until I have read every thing... Sorry... Just I could not avoid to be fired up for such an event procedure call interrupt... triggered directly to my brain and bypassing the nutshell my microkernel awareness operating system is...

    Would you be so kind as for reading in full the above linked for download document (277 Kb in PDF format)... I will greatly appreciate it, specially if you do it before any further comment about Singularity.

    Thank you a lot for reading me Beer...