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Tonatiúh Tonatiúh ¡Cualli itch a cosamalot!
  • Why do some people not like .Net framework.

    jsampsonPC wrote:
    Non-developers are probably ignorant of its power. That's all I can think of. And then again, there are people like my wife who think that if there are more than 10 shortcuts on your desktop, your "computer is cluttered and runs really really slow."

    Hello to all of you Niners... So long for me to be here again... And to bother you with my old, old opinions...

    I agree with Sampson from the moment such is the same thinking way of my ex-wife (but still my best friend); but... Isn't this revealing that we, the wise developers need to put a great attention and effort on teaching non-developer (read non-wise) people to understand, at least, what are the factors that make a PC slow down?


  • SQL Express Managment problem

    I installed every 2005 Express language, plus  SQL  and the Managment Studio and SQL Books Online, over the same machine (XP SP2) and haven't any problems using them... I followed the guidelines to intall given at the Visual Studio Site by using the automatic unistall utility for the Beta 2 I already had... So I think order of installation as depicted in those guidelines are important... Perhaps you should try uninstalling and reinstalling again in the proper order.

    Tonatiúh Smiley

  • Bill Gates named Person of the Year

    SlackmasterK wrote:
    [...] At a church collection, there are many people who give to the plate.  Let us focus on two of them.  The first, a wealthy businessman, cuts a generous check for thousands, millions, perhaps billions of dollars.   The second, but a pauper, still struggling to feed her own family, gives the last penny she has - which she was fortunate enough to find on the floor.  Who gave more?

    Who of those two? I can't say... But I can assert with utter certainty that those whom have stood judging who of the two gave more, have given nothing.


  • Please Microsoft, keep your selves been the knights I dreamed you ever have been.

    LaBomba wrote:
    Business is business... [...]

    And war is war, hate is hate and so on... Those are the wrongest and most misleading axiomatic assertions one could ear... But misleaded people certainly are able to be gentle also... If they really want a better world for their children... First of all, taking care of the language used.


  • Please Microsoft, keep your selves been the knights I dreamed you ever have been.

    JChung2006 wrote:
    Tonatiúh, the Don Quixote of C9, seeing knights where there be programmers and giants where there be windmills.

    Thank you Chung, but certainly I'm not, by any measures, any thing near to the Cervante's character... Even though, I have kept my self loving the image of any gentle knight, real or fictional, I had notice of... I think that gentleness is one of the most great virtues for a man feel proud of... My mother used to say us when at fight between the brothers (we where 4 girls and 4 boys): "Gentleness don't steals any  bravery of your heart".... Poor of my mam, she was truly tired of having started seen falling bombs over his head when she was 10 years old... My primary and secondary school time was difficult to endure, not because the studying efforts, but because yet at the 60's, here in Mexico there where a lot of resentement targeted to Spanish people.

    I agree with Microsoft in that, as intellectual property creators, they have to protect such assets, aside than in behalf its clients and stockholders, even standing before us the developers, whom certainly couldn't be enabled to grow and enjoy as developers, without the Microsoft's endeavor in easing the attainability of "One computer for every home and every office" throughout the world... That world which is becoming more and more wide for every child been born today.

    May only plea, is: "Be gentle"... As those knights whom deserve such a title not because they are willingly to raise promptly their swords... But because they keep their heart aware of the scent of a flower, the innocence in the children eyes, the hope in a woman smile... And the dreams in the professionist mind.

    Please Microsoft, be gentle when defending your selves.


  • Please Microsoft, keep your selves been the knights I dreamed you ever have been.

    I'm disappointed.... Truly disappointed... As disappointed as I was when at my 25 years I became disappointed because my father and have told him: "You are not any more my idol, I have seen your mudy feet"... I went feeling that way while I was reading about the Microsoft vs. Google fight regarding Dr. Kai-Fu... Perhaps, such is not more than so many long years been used to think in Microsoft as my Entrepreneur's Paladin... Some thing very close to that image from my dreams, yet cherised, about the Lancelot's Round Table Knights... I know very well my voice is not more than the shiny whisper of one who never have reached and never will reach the status of an acknowledged developer, just because I'm not but a single man from the street, who have gotten in touch with programming to late, though never could get rid of the sweet and obnubilating wine programming is for the mind and the soul... I know my voice shouldn't be ever louder than the singing of a cricket....

    I know, as well, that at my 60 years my interests have spreaded departing quite a lot from that whose makes of technology the ones life... Nowadays I'm mostly interested in the world my grand-grand-children and their mates throughout the Earth would see and live in... I am intersted in that shining rainbow at the end of the road ahead, which from the beginning have been, is and will be a gift for every past, actual and future human being.

    Please Microsoft, keep your selves been the knights I dreamed you ever have been.


  • Another way to use the blocked wikipedia

    I think that as far as Wikipedia is a collaborative open enciclopaedia project in where people, mostly serious, thoughtout the world is helping to build an universal  knowledge base, there is not any subject which could be considered out of the topics can or would be found there, except obviously, for those matters carrying threatens to the humanity as a whole...

    Congratulations Leigh Sword for getting intersted in expressing your thoughts in freedom... I encourage you to attempt to make some collaboration of your own to Wikipedia... Besides I'm not any kind of English language expert, and my own reading/writting skills have a lot of weakern spots, I consider your English are getting better each day... Keep on your goal young Lady.


  • c9 christmas header... ?

    Congratulations Jamie!... Now The Christmas dress of the tree I have feeding all the year is complete... Thank you colleague Big Smile


  • Christmassy Channel9?

    Merry Christmas Niners and Channel 9 Team!
    Congratulations Jamie!

    For a man as old as I am, A place without Christmas adornement, even at Christmas time, can't be felt as inside the proper time...

    I feel happy now... I hope all of you feel the same way.


  • I Like Mr w3bbo { formerly was "w3bbo stop following me" }

    ScanIAm wrote:
    W3bbo eats babies...and puppies...but he doesn't bash newbies. 

    I cannot remember having W3bbo ever over my back, even when I was a newbie... Perhaps old flesh is not at any time for the taste of a babies and puppies eater... Could it be so? Wink