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  • Rebecca Norlander: Security and Success at Microsoft

    Women, on average, have 3 BILLION less brain cells than men. I wouldn't ever hire women for anything technical. They will destroy your company, and if elected, your nation.

    For more information about the differences between the human male and female please visit:
    EXN is an online extension of the Discovery Channel.
  • Abolade Gbadegesin and team - Networking in Windows Vista

    Usually, Scoble laughs uncontrollably and makes one wonder about the level of his IQ so I'm glad to see Scoble isn't horking like an oversexed pig in this video.
    The root of Scoble's loud and abrupt laughter is probably derived from various factors of happiness and one way to achieve a state of happiness is to become immersed in ignorance.
    However, there could also be a mental factor, such as brain damage caused by an excessive diet containing pork and/or alcohol.
    Scoble, please keep the laughs down in your videos.