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Stephen Toub Toub
  • BlockingCollection&#60T&#62 Demonstration in Producer-Consumer Scenarios

    re: does the concurrent collection remove values after they've been retrieved?


    If you just do:

            foreach(var item in blockingCollection) { ... }

    you'll be enumerating the contents without removing the values.  If you do:

            foreach(var item in blockingCollection.GetConsumingEnumerable()) { ... }

    then you'll be enumerating the contents and removing the values as you do.

  • Using the Parallel Extensions to the .NET Framework

    Joe's definitely still around.  He's the dev lead for our Parallel Extensions team.

  • The Concurrency Runtime: Fine Grained Parallelism for C++

    Hi Art-

    Glad you enjoyed the video!

    1) For the initial release, the Concurrency Runtime is targeting CPUs.

    2) We internally have a suite of performance tests, though I don't know at this time whether such a suite would be released publicly.  There are of course industry standard suites, many of which have emerged from the HPC space, and I imagine at some point some subset of those will be publicly ported to run on the runtime once it's released.

    3) To your last question, we have team members that focus on hardware, on software, and the interplay between the two.