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  • Mark Zbikowski - From DOS 1.0 to Windows Vista

    Two thumbs up, I love the concept of this show and hope to see more.  I love to hear stories of how Dos/Windows came to be from the people who made it.

    Maybe oneday we'll get Bill Hill, he's always interesting to hear from.

  • Tim Sneath - Inside Windows Vista Printing

    The thing I'm most hyped about with XPS is that (according to this video) spooler size is much smaller than it use to be (approx 1/5th).

    Perhaps the companies I work at never have enough printer memory, or this is a hardware issue, but I've found color laser printing to be extremely slow, even when working in reasonable DPI (ex: I often use 300dpi in Photoshop, which in laser terms is considered very low) and printing a 5"x5" image can take up to 5 minutes while the printer spools!!!!
  • John Merrill – First Look at Exchange 12

    DevilsRejection wrote:
    will a similar interface be developed for hotmail?

    Microsoft is launching a totally new Hotmail and it will look a lot like Outlook/OWA hybrid.  You can already see some previews at
  • Chris St.Amand and Jeff Stucky - Debugging ​Microsoft.​com

    DevilsRejection wrote:
    I really want to feel this new networking stack, the performance, everything.
    While I haven't seen any preliminary benchmarks chances are the benefits pay off for high performance servers, I'm sure it has only a small increase for standard servers.

    IOW unless you're server is pushing hundreds of transactions (ex: web hits) at the same time, you'll probably never notice the improvement.

    The real benefit I'm sure relates to multiple small transactions, not a couple large transactions.  Often the bottleneck in computers is not throughput, but in the starting and stopping process.

    But honestly I'm still excited because it will put to rest the whole argument that compare Linux & BSD to Windows when it comes to transactions per second, especially in the web world.

    Finally, I'm sure you'll need a 64bit platform to even get the full benefit.
  • Chris St.Amand and Jeff Stucky - Debugging ​Microsoft.​com

    At around the 34min mark you mention how newspaper sites let you view old newspapers and if it's possible to view old versions of the Microsoft website.  This is apples and oranges, BUT you can view old revisions of (all the way back to 1996).

    The archive of old MS is at:*/

    They don't go to the very beginning but you can view the original MS design (infamously known as the Death Star design) from 1994 at:
  • RE3W WorldWide Limited: ​Service-​based web application pioneer

    The audio quality is horrible, no I don't mean the encoding, I mean the volume.

    I'm guessing the mic is trying to pick-up on the background noise and doing so, muffles the close sound.  The exact opposite of what you want from a mic for interviewing/demos.
  • Andy Edmonds and Erik Selberg - Frank talk about MSN Search


    I wanted to point out at the 12 minute mark you come to a realization that I have been preaching for over a year and no search engine has touched on yet (except Lycos).

    I truly believe the future of search engines is NOT in the list format we currently use, imho it's time that somebody creates a rich search engine that takes the keyword and realizes what do do with it.

    If I type in the term "Terminator" I should get boxed sets of results and the neural net realizes Terminator is both a movie (so 1 box of movie reviews, 1 box of places to buy DVDs, 1 box of movie info).

    The only search engine that has done this (and it seems nobody realizes the power of it) is Lycos.  Go search for "Beatles" and look an the right of the screen.  This is the beginning of what I'm talking about.
  • Andy Edmonds and Erik Selberg - Frank talk about MSN Search

    fooey wrote:
    I got a weird vibe from this. When I think Google, I think of a huge company with 4000+ employees working on search realted products and services. Then I see this video, and I think "MSN Search - 2 guys in an office." Not the best advertising, is it?
    If you haven't noticed, EVERY video features 1 or 2 guys (I've never seen more than 4 or 5).  But these projects have dozens of developers working on them, it's just that only the Project Managers from each project are on the video.

    If you think only 2 people create MSN Search, then you'll have to believe only 2 guys make MS Office (with it's 10 million lines of code) and only 5 guys create Visual Studio with all of it's features and languages.
  • Larry Hryb - First look at Xbox 360 (with the MVPs)

    ZippyV wrote:
    I don't want wireless controllers. Even if I have to change them only twice a year, it's twice to much.

    If you don't have a NiMH battery charger already you're living in the stone age.  Get one, buy some batteries and stop whining.

    Plus you can still get wired controllers.  The core pack has a wired controller, only the deluxe box set has wireless controllers.
  • Mat Noguchi - Developer on Halo team gives tour of Bungie

    I don't see what you guys are talking about when it comes to quality, while I haven't done a side by side comparison but I'd say the video quality looks the same, but the real annoying part is that the audio is low quality 8kbps.

    Please, please use at least 16kbps audio from now on, 8kbps sounds like the mic is inside a tin can.  I'd rather have great audio and so-so video than great video and so-so audio.

    And like the previous poster pointed out, it's now been 4 days and still no download video is available (which might have had better audio quality too).
  • Bill Gates - A short chat with Microsoft's Chief Software Architect

    >> Jamie said "There should be some sort of monthly - bullet point
    >> exec memo "The best of Channel 9" - that they must read -
    >> so they are at least briefed on the major threads and
    >> discussions - maybe just the top 5".

    That's the best idea I've heard on here for improving the site.

    There should be a two types of noteable videos, "Most Watched" links that have a date cutoff of 30 days, calculated by diving the total number of views by the number of days since posting.  As then "Most Popular", which is tallied by what posts have the most forum chatter.  Both of which could be top 5s, making a totol of a top 10 list.

    And the coder who can somehow merge these two lists and order them intelligently is a sharp coder.

  • Steve Ballmer - Quick chat with Microsoft's CEO

    Nata1 wrote:
    whoever made clippy, that was Not innovation !
    To a degree I have say that the concept behind clippy was innovative, but the implimentation absolutely was not.

    The idea of having "something" there to aid you is a good idea, but there's something annoying about a bouncy little paperclip that aggressively suggests what you want to do.

    You could say that Office 2003's "Task Pane" is partially similar as instead of animating and suggesting, it merely has lists of things you probably want to do, and they are also categorized into many pages within the pane.

    I might be stretching this too much, but I just felt like it was a point worth exploring.